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For as long as Katie can remember (and probably even before that), the art of storytelling has entranced her, and the lens of language has been one of her primary ways of understanding the world. For the first two years of her college career, she studied English and Italian at the University of Denver before transferring to Saint Mary’s College of California where she studied English (with a concentration in Film and Dramatic Arts) and Theology & Religious Studies. She submitted to competitive school literary magazines/newspapers, created successful presentations, and probably wrote as many A-worthy papers (some 30 pages long!) as she's eaten meals. Katie is grateful to have earned the title summa cum laude, rendering all those late nights worthwhile, but her immediate future no longer lies in the academic sphere.

For the past 3 years, Katie been a freelance writer for several marketing companies that pride themselves on creating substantial online content and copy for business websites, catering to the client's every want and whim. She's written dozens of pieces covering a vast array of topics, from the Cloud to coffee to construction safety and beyond. She is an excellent researcher and is skilled at seamlessly incorporating SEO keywords into her writing. She has experience in most writing styles, forms, and lengths, as well. Katie knows how to gracefully blend factual details and extensive research with creativity and emotional appeal. Her clients have always been pleased beyond expectation by the quality of her work and her ability to craft it in a short amount of time.
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Agriculture is Katie's top industry, but she has written for a variety of different fields, including construction, entertainment, food, travel & hospitality, office maintenance, politics, technology, insurance, education, business, and religion/spirituality, among others. Her expertise is in crafting content for websites, especially blog posts and articles.


Katie is interested in a plethora of writing styles, topics, and formats, and is even excited to try out types of writing she has never dabbled in before. In addition to professional freelance work, she is in love with creative writing and art creation of all kinds, so feel free to reach out to her about creative writing projects, as well!


University of Denver

Katie attended the University of Denver where she earned a 3.98 GPA studying English. She focused primarily on English classes in both creative and academic writing, as well as Italian and other communication-based/language-centric courses. Katie enjoyed her time at DU immensely and credits the institution for helping her hone her writing skills.

Saint Mary's College of California

Katie recently graduated from SMC where she studied English, primarily, and Theology & Religious Studies. She also earned a concentration in Film & Dramatic Arts. Katie managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA and pursue creative projects/extracurricular activities during her time at St. Mary's. She is proud to have completed a myriad of successful papers and presentations over the course of her college career.


7 Projects Completed

Katie has written extensive pieces on a wide range of agricultural topics. She has always ensured that her articles are interesting, informative, and well-researched and that the client is more than satisfied with her work. Her article subjects have included the pros and cons of seeding cover crops, the proper usage of hay bale hooks, the top ways to cut costs on cattle feed without compromising nutrition quality, the diverse abundance of California's agricultural production, the process of organic hay certification, and more.


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Katie has written a variety of pieces for construction companies' websites. She has written skillfully about subjects her clients are greatly invested in, namely construction tutorials and construction safety. Her topics include the advantages and methods of building straw houses, the danger of falls to construction workers plus simple ways to avoid them, and the importance of building hay sheds on a farm.


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Although Katie has limited experience writing about entertainment, she has extensive pop cultural knowledge through her background in filmmaking, scriptwriting, and acting, and regularly keeps up with the entertainment scene. She has written professional pieces covering television and the ins and outs of the voiceover industry, as well as academic articles considering the aesthetic impact, cultural import, and ethical implications of a multitude of plays, movies, etc. Her well-received listicle on what to look for in a voice talent advised professionals seeking the best artists in the industry on what qualities to pay attention to, namely experience, brand suitability, vocal range, availability, and authentic sound.

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The bulk of Katie's work has shown up on company blogs, making blog posts one of her most valuable assets. She has experience writing blog posts ranging from food listicles and travel posts to office sanitation tips and financial advice, along with art-related posts on her own blog. Katie is confident she is able to research and write blog posts about almost anything.


8 Projects Completed

Katie has written newspaper articles and online articles galore. Her work has covered a variety of subjects, ranging from how to construction articles to political opinion pieces to articles about sanitary office habits. She always makes sure to begin with an attention-grabbing introductory paragraph, continue with a solid body, and end on a rousing conclusion/call to action.


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Katie has assisted in the writing process for scripts ranging from Youtube videos to prospective commercials, as well as worked on plays and screenplays for her own artistic purposes.

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