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Following graduation, Jerry worked as a journalist for around five years in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles, California as a reporter then editor of small weekly newspapers. His last job was as a copy editor for the now defunct Herald Examiner in Los Angeles.

He decided to do something else so he went to work for his fraternity brother whose family owned a small business. After about a year, he went out on his own and started his own company. He sold that company before obtaining his real estate license around 1980 and began putting together Limited Partnerships. From there on he had a couple of other small enterprises including starting a small weekly paper in Rockaway Beach, Oregon before moving to Portland, Oregon where he began working for the telephone company until retirement.


Computer literate, typing, excel


Fishing, hunting and writing


San Diego State University

Jerry lived most of his life in San Diego, California where he was educated and worked professionally for many years. In 1989, he moved to a small coastal town in Oregon before eventually ending up in Boise, Idaho.


3 Projects Completed

Jerry went to work with a freelance business close to three years ago and has written short articles on a variety of industries although he is not an expert in any of them.


5 Projects Completed

Jerry has written numerous articles while working with a freelance business on a variety of subjects. These include subjects from brewing beer, traveling in Europe, the history of many different cities from all over the world. Although he does all of the research for each subject he would not consider himself an expert in any particular area.

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