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Marcy is an experienced web writer and project manager with a solid track record in web strategy, site creation and marketing, editing, proofing, and SEO. She built a career in digital marketing and web creation/management for 20 years and now offers her skills in content, SEO, content audits, general editing, sales funnels, and strategy in the freelance market.

She also works in project planning, coding and analytics, and is an expert with multiple CMS platforms, HTML and textile mark-up, Adobe Creative Suite and more.
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Marcy's specialties include web content writing, editing, SEO, proofreading, and content audits.


Marcy loves writing, and often uses her spare time to work on her first novel.


California University of Pennsylvania

Marcy focused her time in college on "learning by doing." Her activities included coordinating three internships, taking multiple honors courses, tutoring undergrads and graduate students in the university Writing Center for four years, competing in state-wide orchestra competitions, emceeing university music and arts events, and more.


1,001 Projects Completed

Marcy was the head of a web team at a large university for 15 years. While working with each and every program and department on campus, she wrote over a thousand web pages and learned a lot about universities, credits, and everything a student needs to know about success in college or graduate school.


500 Projects Completed

As the content strategist for a large university for nearly 15 years, Marcy supervised web designers, content editors, graphic designers, and student interns. She worked with over 50 campus editors to ensure consistent, integrated messaging across multiple university web properties. She created content for cross-channel digital marketing initiatives and for the university's web properties using a variety of CMS platforms and proprietary web systems.

Marcy's work required her to maintain expert level knowledge of web languages such as, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, XML and other logic-based scripting. She planned textual content, video, and graphic media for web and social media use, prioritizing admissions conversion goals for undergraduate and graduate programs.
She also coordinated university web governance with director of information systems.

As web team lead, Marcy created content plans and managed hundreds of projects at once, delivering concepts and materials frequently under tight deadlines.

Web Page

501 Projects Completed

During her 15 years as web content strategist at a large university, Marcy wrote and created thousands of web pages, most of which are still in use on multiple university web properties. Marcy's work required she be an expert with SEO, Google Analytics, Adwords, general writing for the web, the importance of proofing and proofreading, understanding marketing personas and successful conversion funnels, etc.

Email Copy

100 Projects Completed

Over her many years as a writer, Marcy has written copy for hundreds of email campaigns, some of them singular emails sent to small audiences and others part of massive campaigns (100,000+) to prospective undergraduate students or subscribers of various community and campus programs.

Banner Ad

25 Projects Completed

Marcy has created multiple graphic banner ads for freelance clients and also for former clients during her tenure as a university content strategist.

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