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Johanna has loved writing since she was young. She would write stories in her spare time and keep a journal. She loved all her writing classes in college and has recently started a blog. Her writing courses in college included Creative Writing, Research Writing, Technical Writing, and a variety of courses spanning all subjects. She decided to make writing a full-time career after realizing that she would consistently blog even if she didn’t make any money from it. Many people struggle with expressing ideas freely in a way that pulls people into the content. Johanna thrive off of it. Coming up with ways to promote and influence others through creative writing is something she truly enjoys. After taking the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundations aptitude test and scoring the highest in Idealogy, which is tested through writing and expressing creative ideas on paper, she knew it was more than just a hobby. She has a strong aptitude with words and ideas. In her spare time she also finds herself submerged in music, athletics, foreign language, drawing, and public speaking. She naturally gravitates toward the arts, and her right brain refuses to let her work in any other field. Writing allows her to have a creative and artistic outlet, but also allows her to research and problem solve, which she equally loves.
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Johanna has worked in the health industry as a nurse assistant but became fascinated by the biochemistry of nutrition in her early college years. After studying nutrition and fitness in her spare time, she found it easy to implement the knowledge she learned in her daily life. People would ask her how she maintained a healthy lifestyle, and coupled with her love for writing, Johanna decided to make a health blog. Tips and facts about the human body and the way food and exercise affect it are embedded in the creative and informational blogs she writes on her website.

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Johanna's expertise is writing about health, nutrition, and fitness. Graduating with a degree in Behavioral Science, she is able to associate people's behavior with their health lifestyle, and write to give the reader the most benefit from her academic background as well as personal experience.

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