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With years of experience in business strategy, global NGO partnership development, and large enterprise sales, Bilan has technical writing experience in the public and private sector. While working with intergovernmental organizations, she worked as a grant writer and proposal development officer. As a grant officer for the World Federation of the United Nations Associations, she worked with governments, foundations, and corporate sponsors, which enhanced her ability to understand the demand for different writing styles and techniques.

As an author of many academic papers, she spent most of her graduate career presenting research at academic conferences. This year, she presented her research at the International Association of Conflict Management Conference in New York. Additionally, she presented negotiation strategy research at an international business and negotiation conference in Paris, France. Her experience as an academic writer has exposed her to different disciplines that require unique styles, tones, and techniques.
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Her specialties include writing in social science, grant proposals, business proposals, and policy papers.


Her interests include business strategy proposals, international development papers, and negotiation strategy articles.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bilan was a Political Science major who concentrated in European Comparative Politics. While completing her undergraduate degree, she worked with government agencies and local civil society organizations to solve public policy issues in the United States.

Columbia University

As a trained negotiator, Bilan used her professional skills to bridge the gap between academia and the field. She has provided a technical framework for practitioners in the field. For instance, she developed a risk mitigation matrix for professional and entry-level negotiators. This tool helps negotiators mitigate potential risks when making offers in negotiations.

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2 Projects Completed

Bilan conducted technical grant proposal writing for NGOs and NPOs. She developed security and contingency plans for capacity building projects in war-affected areas in the Middle East. In addition, she created Results-Based Management tools and logical frameworks for sustainable development projects at the United Nations.


2 Projects Completed

Bilan has written extensive research and a case analysis on the conflict in the Eastern provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her case examined how stabilization and reconstruction missions from the United Nations impact the conditions of poverty and resilience for internally displaced persons in the DRC. She delivered her research to a heterogeneous audience at Columbia University in New York City.

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