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Rachel has spent her whole life writing. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Accounting, and specializes in business, finance, law, real estate, and marketing topics. However, she is always up for a challenge, and loves diving into new subjects outside her academic expertise.

Rachel currently works as a Senior Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 in New York City.
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Business, finance, tax, law, accounting, small business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and lifestyle topics


Reading, writing, publishing, corporate finance, individual and business taxation, and fashion


The College of Wooster

Rachel's time at The College of Wooster provided unique exposure to many fields and forms of study. She took over 15 English and Writing courses throughout her undergraduate education, including Narrative and the Real World, Flash Fiction, Fiction and Poetry Writing, and Business Writing.

Nova Southeastern University

Throughout her degree, Rachel studied finance, accounting, economics, business law, and taxation. She is eligible to sit for the CPA exam.


503 Projects Completed

Rachel has significant in-depth exposure to marketing themes and topics, including digital marketing, marketing strategy and planning, and marketing implementation. Her experience includes blog posts, white paper, and ebooks. She has also organized and managed several marketing campaigns on behalf of clients, including Facebook and Twitter content creation and promotion.


151 Projects Completed

Rachel holds a Master of Accounting degree and has taken coursework in finance, economics, accounting, business law, and taxation. She has career experience in wealth management, tax accounting, and, most recently, corporate financial planning and analysis. She currently works as a Senior Financial Analyst for a Fortune 500 in New York City.


114 Projects Completed

As a corporate professional, Rachel has developed great insight into how companies function, achieve profitability, generate financial reporting, and manage acquisitions and divestments. Her academic and professional experience extends into many business and finance applications, including taxation, personal finance, business insurance, real estate, corporate finance, and more. Her previous works include case studies, academic research, blog posts, white papers, and ebooks.

Web Page

2,010 Projects Completed

Rachel has written web content, both for single pages and full sites, for over 1,000 different clients. Her abilities are far-reaching, with site content exposure in virtually every major industry. From car mechanics to independent insurance agents, Rachel has the experience and creativity to create custom, fully unique, and SEO-friendly content for your business or personal endeavor.

Blog Post

1,210 Projects Completed

Rachel has written blog posts for hundreds of clients, ranging from content marketing companies to lawn and garden businesses. She is eager to research, and loves presenting new and interesting information to readers in creative ways. She is highly skilled in SEO techniques, providing rich, robust content that offers value to both companies and consumers.


12 Projects Completed

Rachel is passionate about long content pieces, and chose to focus largely on lengthier works during her undergraduate experience. As a part of her graduation requirements, she penned a short novel accompanied by critical analysis into feminism and coming of age literature. For her clients, she is happy to provide thorough research on a wide variety of topics. Her past ebook experience includes content marketing, retirement planning, and rapid product development topics.

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