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Justin's background has involved writing technical reports based on testing that he's completed. These need to stand up in the court of law. This has been focused on packaging materials and the interactions with the products they hold. In addition, he works on graphics to enhance the aesthetics and increase it's shelf appeal.

In addition, Justin has completed some copywriting through SEO companies. This has proven to increase his writing efficiently on various topics to create something that the customer is looking for.
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Packaging - development of materials and packaging to fit different products.


Fishing, outdoors, camping
Reading, fixing issues around the house


Michigan State University

Justin has a Bachelor's degree from Michigan State in Packaging. This covers a wide range from physics, engineering, chemistry to finance, advertising, supply chain and marketing.


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Justin's expertise is writing technical papers and white papers. He also has experience writing product reviews. His technical background in the packaging industry related to materials, testing and commercialization have enhanced his experience. This keeps him up to date on current trends and marketing. He knows the product development phases well and has accomplished these through various projects and products.

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Product descriptions come naturally especially after actual use of the product. Being descriptive and understanding the technical aspects of why a product was chosen are critical. Knowing the positives and negatives give the next consumer insight into why or why they shouldn't purchase a produce. Product descriptions should be a part of anyone's arsenal when researching a product to by.

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