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Amelia's experience comes from working on personal projects like her own blog and social media and from using her talents in past employment settings. Her work at The New School often called for crafting emails, social media posts, and copy for flyers. On her blog, she writes about various topics that interest her such as health, literature, and art. Outside of this, she also writes her own fiction, dabbling in science fiction and fantasy.
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Creative non-fiction, blog posts, social media, academic


Films, literature, video games, graphic novels, design, cooking, health, fitness, yoga, diet


Rider University

GPA: 3.6

The New School

Amelia's thesis, Sisters of the Spectrum, explored the highs and lows of growing up with a disabled younger sister.


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Amelia has had an avid interest in gaming since she was handed the controller of the legendary Sega Genesis and played Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time. She writes about gaming from an introspective viewpoint, connecting the gaming experience to personal memories and feelings as well as to a larger social context. She is also capable of writing about gaming from a more technical viewpoint.


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Amelia's personal blog often details her experiences in health, both physical and mental. She writes often about living with Celiac Disease, an auto-immune disease that limits her diet to gluten-free foods, as well as her struggles with anxiety and depression. She fearlessly goes to very personal places in her writing.

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Amelia has owned various blogs of her own since she was thirteen years old and experiencing her first taste of the internet. She's written on various subjects including but not limited to literature, gaming, diet, health, and fitness.

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