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Chris T
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Chris T. is a Colorado-based transactional attorney who provides well-researched legal advice and strategies on civil matters, coupled with drafting services in a variety of legal subjects spanning from business and corporate, to estate planning and landlord tenant law.

Chris' undergraduate education focused on three of his passions: languages, cultures, and business. During his time at Colorado State University, Chris studied Spanish, adding to his repertoire of languages, and combined it with a degree in international relations, expanding his global perspective. Finally, he pursued a business minor to gain an understanding of the world of management, finance, marketing, and economics.

Chris pursued his Juris Doctorate to further his education and gain the tools that would allow him to advise and guide businesses through vital issues. During law school, Chris honed his research, analysis, and writing skills through challenging assignments that would complement the law professor's writing projects. The theoretical was coupled with the practical when Chris began providing services through various community and business-related internships, as well as a judicial clerkship. Chris graduated from the University of Akron, School of Law, and was sworn in to the Colorado Bar as an attorney in October of 2012.

Since completion of his academic pursuits, Chris' diverse background includes contract manager of a Medicaid managed care organization, in-house legal counsel for a credit service organization, private law firm practice, and corporate accounting specialist at a global engineering firm.
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Chris’s specialties span both legal and non-legal writings. Throughout law school and private practice, Chris continued improving his research and writing techniques, as he understands that persuasive writing equates to effective communication.

More recently, Chris accepted a number of matters representing tenants, as well as landlords, to find common ground in their disputes and avoid litigation. Chris believes that effective communication between parties often prevents pursuit of more costly and drawn-out legal options. On the compliance end, Chris advises his clients on federal and state regulatory requirements, and develops the policies and procedures to complement the client’s compliance needs. Although compliance on regulatory matters hinges heavily on skillful research, the conveyance of such findings hinge on efficient writing. Clear and precise conveyance of Chris’s research has been at the forefront of what he’s been working hard to perfect.

Aside from transactional legal drafting, Chris has written a number of articles for a credit service organization aimed at simplifying the complexities of consumer credit issues for customers. Chris believes that taking complex subjects and creating straightforward and consumable content is paramount to effective conveyance of messages. He suffered through law school to appreciate that not everything has to be as convoluted as his professors made it out to be.


On his free time, Chris loves reading about topics such as Ancient Greece, investment strategies, self-development, global politics, and an array of subjects that lend new perspectives to his knowledge base. He also enjoys weightlifting and running, as well as outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains when the whimsical Colorado climate permits. At least once a year, Chris absconds to another country for a couple of days to regain mental clarity, as well as dabble in a new culture. During the winter and spring seasons, Chris teaches Greek Dance to high school age kids.


Colorado State University

At Colorado State University, Chris combined his passion of history, politics, and culture with the study of Spanish in order to broaden his cultural and global perspective. Chris also picked up a minor in business to explore his interests in topics such as finance, economics, and basic business principles.

University of Akron, School of Law

After graduating from Colorado State University, Chris decided to further his education by pursuing a degree in legal studies. While at the University of Akron, Chris focused his attention on business and transactional law, which honed his detail in writing, business strategy, and civil law.


36 Projects Completed

A majority of Chris’ projects arise in the legal industry, mainly the transactional practice area of drafting business and corporate documents. This includes organizational documents, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, property agreements, promissory notes, settlement agreements, consulting contracts, and any specially tailored business document to fit the client's needs.

Other projects in the legal industry touched on estate planning documents, such as the last will and testament, trust instruments, powers of attorney, and living wills. Finally, Chris has drafted letters on behalf of tenants seeking enforcement of their contracts, as well as trademark descriptions, and cease and desist letters.

Chris’ project history reflects his continuous desire to think creatively and efficiently about matters from all angles, as outcomes typically hinge on solutions that occur outside of the court room. He believes that Writer Access will continue to provide him with challenging projects that will slowly elevate his writing style and techniques to new heights.

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7 Projects Completed

As in-house legal counsel for a credit service organization, the company tasked Chris with crafting articles that appeal to clients as clear and informative. These articles were brief, yet dense articles that provided information to customers based on sub-categories of credit repair.

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