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Justus draws on his experiences as a brand manager to produce content that promotes the value of products and services. He specializes in driving up viewership counts and is capable of distilling the value of a product in a consumable manner. His youth provides a connection to trends and current events. He is effective at crystallizing the benefits of patronage in an entertaining fashion. Social media posts, business articles, product announcements, editorials and ghostwriting are Justus' bread and butter.
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Blogging, articles that attract social media following, research, literary analysis/criticism, editorials and proofreading.


Economic forecasting, Voluntaryism, basketball, social media, literary criticism, technology and conspiracy.


Forbes School of Business, Ashford University

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Internet startups require content that instill the value their products or services. In blog format, Justus lightened the severity of the subject of funeral services and educated consumers by tastefully drawing actionable insights from the stories of notable historic figures and celebrities. These articles outlined the value that traditional funerals offer families. Content that creates needs based on unique and branded content will lead a company to growth.

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Blogging is an important part of maintaining a website. Content drives viewership, which is the essence of a thriving internet presence. Articles that seek to inform readers to the value presented by a company must also have entertainment value. Viewership is all about cycling internet users through content that proves to contain valuable information. Unique and helpful content turns heads and establishes patronage.

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Newsletters inform patrons of current information regarding the services and products offered by a company or group. Often times newsletter readers are looking for reminders, sales or insights that highlight the usefulness of a company's value. These correspondence are an effective means of creating return business. Furthermore, newsletter outreach will maintain an emotional bond between patron and company. Therefore, well-crafted newsletter content is an effective marketing strategy.

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