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Angelo has had experience in writing essays both for soft sciences (social studies, psychology, and sociology) as well as for analyses (critical analysis of pop culture, world literature, and American Cinema).


Angelo specializes in research writing: gathering research from multiple sources to create one compiled well-cited piece on a particular subject

An additional area of expertise for Angelo is Critical Analysis - performed by providing an in-depth analysis of a particular artifact or work using various lenses todetermine the meaning and significance of cultural milestones


Angelo has personal interests in intellectual, nerdy, and popular culture topics including but not limited to Psychology, sociology, social studies, world history, astronomical history, literature, popular television, films and cinema, video games, music, piano, art, card games, internet culture, religion, world religions, and theology.


Lamar Community College

Angelo earned a total of 36 college credits (18 each semester) which, combined with 24 college credits earned in high school allowed Angelo to earn an Associate of General Science degree to be earned in one year covering diverse topics ranging from Biology and Anatomy to Theatre and World History

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Angelo earned degree specializing in Psychology, and gained additional knowledge in communications, literature, composition, and analytical writing.


0 Projects Completed

Angelo has written many psychological essays that require reading and comprehending multiple peer-reviewed articles and summaries of experiments for vital information, and compiling them for academic research - both in creating his own peer-reviewed articles, as well as for an analysis of the outcomes of these different experiments, and how their results affect the real-world in tangible ways.


0 Projects Completed

Angelo has a lot of experience giving presentations both in theological and academic fields regarding a variety of topics, and is skilled in structuring these presentations in a way that allow them to flow naturally when presented in-person, as well as to be read comprehensively by a person who is familiar with the works being presented.

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