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Five years ago, Julie had a life changing experience when her son began to socially transition to become her daughter. In the interest of processing the changes and also keeping her loved ones abreast of the rapid changes, she was sending regular update emails to family and friends who were, as bystanders, in need of guidance and direction in this quickly evolving life event.

As her story became public knowledge, those interested in hearing about it increased exponentially. When the tenth person suggested to her that she start a blog, she got the message, bit the bullet and launched her blog, which has thousands of subscribers from all over the world.

The gist of the site has morphed over the years, but in her conversational and engaging voice, she continues to recount experiences, stories, joys and heartbreaks with honesty, humor and, occasionally, gentle irreverence.

Experiencing or hearing any great story finds her racing to her computer to write it with the hope that others will enjoy knowing that the complexities, insanities and trials of life are shared by all.
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Storytelling and connecting people.


Family dynamics, growing kids, blended families, LGBTQ stories.


Skidmore College

Julie is a divorced, recently remarried mother of four - two biological, two step. Her children range in age from 10 to 22 and, while all were born male, only three of them present as such. Julie's second born, George, socially transitioned to Jessie when she was ten. Now nearly 15, she is, like the rest of us, figuring it all out. Among the other three, she has ADHD, depression/anxiety/anger issues. It is never boring in her house.
Professionally, Julie has worked in college development, consumer and retail sales and, most recently, corporate communications at large bio pharmaceuticals in the Boston area.


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Julie has worked in Corporate Communications within bio/pharm companies in the Boston area on a project basis. This included drafting and dispensing communiques to employees regarding HR supported events.

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Julie owns, and is the sole contributor to a blog, which has thousands of subscribers from all over the world.

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