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From winning her third-grade writing contest to becoming the online content manager for a multi-magazine company, Diantha’s writing savvy has taken her far. She’s worked for university PR, local news and agricultural business management.

As a former online content manager, she was the management hub for four magazine websites and their associating Facebook and Twitter accounts. Among her duties were increasing SEO, keeping up with internet advertising trends, and reviewing article performance and best practices with editors and writers. She also copy edited online news article and is very familiar with AP style and the content management system Joomla. She helped to develop new digital advertising products, including sponsored content, and built excitement for their potential with the sales team.

Diantha co-directed the publication of four e-newsletters on MailChimp and found a passion for increasing click through and open rates. By the end of her first full year, open rates grew by 2.72% and click through rates by 2.03% – all on an old list. She later directed the pruning of the email list. Her last year there, the e-media department’s revenue grew 10 percent, in part to the new digital products she helped create and implement. She credits the success to teamwork with her nine editors and copy editing staff as well as a hyper focus on customer needs and a determination to never use click bait.

Diantha attended Content Marketing World in 2016. As a result, she and her team started using SEMrush and increased their SEO and article visibility significantly. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication, with an emphasis in online media and advertising, and a bachelor’s degree in professional writing, with an emphasis in journalism. She’s written news articles, feature stories, and business articles for various print and online publications.
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Content marketing, online writing, marketing, advertising, social media marketing


content marketing, marketing, advertising, online writing, social media marketing,communication, consumer behavior, psychology, news, university marketing, student recruitment, student retention


Idaho State University

Diantha studied mass communication, business, and creative writing as well as literature. Her internships and employment included writing for ISU's Office of University relations (1.5 years) and the Idaho State Journal (6 months).

Southern Utah University

Diantha performed research and learned theories behind interpersonal, business and mass communication. Her focus was on recruitment and retention of students via Facebook. She performed a content analysis of 20 university Facebook fan pages and conducted a survey of students regarding SUU's Facebook fan page. She also co-directed a team that performed four focus groups (current students, parents of current students, prospective students and parents of prospective students) regarding recruitment and retention via social media. Her capstone was project was on the growing prevalence of ad blockers and what her publishing company is doing to still earn ad revenue.


4 Projects Completed

Diantha wrote online articles about business management principles and how they could be used for dairies. The subject of the article would be taken from a recent business publication (e.g., "The Wall Street Journal"), and applied to dairy business management.


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My capstone project for my master's in professional communication was a formal report to the owners of my agricultural magazine company on new digital ad products I had created to address the growing prevalence of ad blockers. Some of the text to the introduction is attached.

I worked for the magazine's e-media department for 3 years. My last full year employed there, our gross profit margin increased by 10%, in part due to the new ad products.


25 Projects Completed

Diantha has written press releases and articles for magazines, a university public relations department, and a metropolitan nonprofit. While her techniques vary, she enjoys using historical anecdotes to draw readers into the importance of her message.

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Diantha is skilled at describing complex topics, such as interpersonal communication and relationships, in a way that is easy to understand and engaging.

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