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After sitting at an Editor's desk for two years, Tabitha decided that it was time for a change. A background in journalism didn't stop her from seeking greener pastures, especially in a world where print journalism was under economic attack.

So off to the marketing world she went!

Starting with press releases for a local inn, she worked her way through their website, into ad design and copy, and right into a new industry - Marketing.

For the past 5 years, she has put that journalism degree to work, using the interviewing techniques, photo editing skills, and layout abilities learned in the Paper Business, to bring new life to the online presence of numerous businesses.

All the while writing for local newspaper on the side - See, once the paper business is in your blood, it doesn't go away.

With work regularly published in two local papers, guest articles written for historical magazines, content work for an online magazine, blogs, and website content, as well as online and print press releases and reviews, her range of writing styles is quite varied.


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Lyndon State College

Attended Lyndon State College for 4 years and graduated with a BA in English-Journalism. While there, was part of the school newspaper all four years, and took independent studies in writing for online print, and in photojournalism.


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Years of crafting, painting, and sewing have caused these same topics to be the focus of many writing endeavors. From artist profiles, to gallery events, to how-tos, crafting and art focused articles and content are often on the other end of her pen stroke (or these days, key strokes). There are endless possibilities for craft articles. They can liven up any blog, be used in relation to almost any industry, and are perfect for social media sharing.

And they are so much fun to write!


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Living in Vermont, Tabitha has been surrounded by agriculture from birth. Living and working on farms, landscaping, gardening, and reporting on agricultural laws and events have all been part of the fabric that has shaped her. Green practices, organic farming, farm to school programs, CSAs, community agriculture programs, and laws affecting the industries are all topics that she keeps up on and enjoys writing about.


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After starting in the news room, Tabitha found herself immersed in the marketing world after a change of jobs opened new doors. Quickly pushed from print media to the online world, she found that the types of writing called for in the industry varied. From social media ad writing, to quiz results, to home page content - there was a style for each format, a technique for each audience. Five years of writing and editing for this industry has put everything imaginable in front of her: restaurants, health products and services, financial product, how to content, ads, hotels, food, gardening, farming, yoga, products, book reviews, and more. Years in journalism, marketing, and all the interests and research those jobs entail have created the ability to write for most audiences, and the no how to do the research to appeal to them.


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Over 8 years of working for newspapers has lent to Tabitha's ability to cover a topic in short paragraphs while hitting length requirements. But articles are not just for the print and newspaper industry. The skills of interviewing, researching, and creating pitch free, information content have their place in the world of content marketing online as well. Having used these skills to write from online magazines, print sources, blogs, and content sites Tabitha is well versed in this type of writing.

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