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Ezekiel is a creatively-driven writer and artist, with some unique perspectives on life and a deep love of all of life's wackiest moments. Objectively speaking, he's pretty awesome. Subjectively speaking, he's REALLY awesome. He's excited to put his rad ideas out into the world and make something of them.


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Industry Projects

  • Construction20+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Gaming8

Summary of Industry Experience


Ezekiel has written extensive content for renovation and remodeling companies' websites. Topics covered include: ADA-compliant bathroom and kitchen renovations, a variety of roofing materials (such as wood shake and clay tile) and installation methods, deck construction and materials, electrical and plumbing installation, etc. All of this content was produced with search engine optimization techniques in mind.

Real Estate

Ezekiel has written a considerable amount of content for real estate investors' websites. The content produced covers a wide range of topics. Some of the covered topics include: handling inherited real estate, the benefits of hiring a property management company, the tricks to finding quality residents for rental properties, managing home owners associations and common interest communities, and how to sell a home quickly.


Ezekiel has spent a considerable amount of time reading and writing about games, both casually and professionally. While he is knowledgeable about other types of games, from PC to console to Android, of particular interest to him are Alternate Reality Games (or ARGs), which are a subset of transmedia storytelling - the next major advancement in the hardware of storytelling. Social gaming communities - the ways in which they form and communicate - are a passion for him.

Product Projects

  • Web Page50+
  • Email Copy10+
  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Ezekiel has spent a considerable portion of his writing career on web content for various companies and agencies. The majority of these have been for real estate and remodeling companies, though he has also dabbled in non-medical home care agencies and publishing companies. The content produced varies widely from "About Us" sections to executive summaries, to the various materials that renovation companies use to do their installations.

Email Copy

Ezekiel has worked with various companies who utilize email advertisements to get the word out about their products. He has been proven to increase open and click rates with his eye-catching subject lines and engaging content. He believes that even the most dry, fact-based information can -and should!- be presented in a way that entertains and engages the audience.

Blog Post

A large number of Ezekiel's writing projects have been blog posts. While the tone and content of these posts varies widely, the quality of the content therein does not. He has written blogs about games and gaming culture, the responsibilities of authors to their readership, real estate investment benefits, and DIY projects to be done with cut-out magnets.

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