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With a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies and a Minor in Marketing, Susanna has extensive experience researching and writing academic papers on politics, social psychology, philosophy, marketing/international marketing, and business.

She has a deep passion for creative writing and can create compelling stories and vivid imagery with her words. With her strong core academic writing skills and imagination, she has mastered writing Original Marketing Materials, Content, and Emails that have helped many small businesses thrive.
Susanna is extremely pragmatic and flexible and is capable of writing on nearly any topic.
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Academic Writing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Marketing and Business Emails


Reading, Writing, Philosophy, Healthy Living, Photography, Drawing, Music, Yoga, Hiking, Fashion, Film.


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Susanna received her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and Marketing. During her education, she received high grades and regards from her professors specifically for her professional writing abilities.


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Susanna has worked with successful tech startups in marketing, sales and account management. She is skilled in introducing new tech products to customers ranging from those well versed in the tech world, to those who are brand new.
She has written product descriptions, white papers, instructions guides, marketing pamphlets, and has done email marketing.

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0 Projects Completed

During her time doing small business development work, Susanna would reach out monthly in her company's newsletter to participating small businesses to let them know about social functions, marketing opportunities, and consulting opportunities.
Susanna's content generates large response rates to calls of action from subscribers. In her newsletters she is able to create a journalistic voice to deliver what feels to be a personal message to each individual reader.

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