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Natalie is a strategic copywriter with a Master's degree in Publishing and experience at a top book publisher, Simon & Schuster. Known for her work ethic and attention to detail, she helped write jacket copy for more than 10 books that made The New York Times Best Sellers list. In addition to working for a large media corporation, Natalie is skilled in creating content for small businesses and e-commerce companies. She is seeking to utilize her education and knowledge of digital media to further the success of her clients.


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Industry Projects

  • Fashion20+
  • Real Estate10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Natalie is experienced in:

- defining brand voice for online fashion boutique
- writing blog posts, category pages, and product descriptions
- creating web page content
- writing all title and meta descriptions
- monitoring Google Analytics

Real Estate

Natalie is experienced in copywriting marketing materials for real estate agents and real estate investors:

• Develop print and online marketing strategy for real estate investors
• Write brand communications and direct mail marketing materials for a targeted list of leads
• Conduct research on real estate industry and contribute to company blog to establish market knowledge

Product Projects

  • Web Page10+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Natalie has extensive experience writing web page content for small businesses, including real estate companies. The excerpt below is featured on the company's “About” page, and gives a general description of who the company is and what it offers to clients. The content leads to their How It Works page, which goes into greater detail.

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