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Melissa has over 5 years experience working in fields of health, wellness, and fitness. She has written for sites such as GoAskAlice and corporate wellness companies. Most recently, she has written content for a number of startups in the fields of technology/software, finance, travel, and social media.


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Industry Projects

  • Health500+
  • Relationships100+
  • Finance5

Summary of Industry Experience


Melissa managed the GoAskAlice site which published 5 pieces weekly. She worked primarily in writing, editing, and publishing content for the site. She is currently a ghost writer for a health e-magazine, for which she writes 8 articles per week. In addition, she has also worked for corporate wellness agencies, writing content and newsletters.


Melissa has worked in the field of sexual health and relationships for over 5 years and has written multiple blog and article topics on the subject.


Melissa currently writes for a finance blog giving tips about topics ranging from money management to getting extra cash.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Email Copy5

Summary of Product Experience


Melissa has written articles for websites focused on finance as well as those focused on health and wellness. Additionally, she has experience writing articles for newsletters.

Email Copy

Melissa has written e-mail copy for startups varying in focus from tech/software to travel. She has also written for agencies applying for investor and crowdfunding.

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