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After finishing her doctoral degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, Tessa will have written four professional-grade academic course papers, one extended thesis and two dissertations through the course of my academic career, all to high esteem. Tessa also provides the content for her own professional website. Tessa is comfortable writing in a variety of styles and industries. Her styles include academic authoritative, conversational, journalistic and promotional. The industries in which Tessa primarily writes are history, music, science and non-profit. However, her writing expertise are applicable to a variety of industries. Tessa is looking to expand the industries in which she writes to include business, finance, technology, medicine, food, family, relationship, recreation- to name a few.


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Tessa is in the midst of completing a doctorate of musical arts and therefore spends most of her time writing about music. While this is an academic sample based in music theory, Tessa's writing on music also includes writing musician biographies, resumes and critiques of professional performances.


Tessa has done extensive research on formant frequencies within different singing styles, and is comfortable writing within scientific discipline.

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Tessa was a finalist for a Fulbright to Italy in 2015, which is the most competitive Fulbright scholarship location.

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