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Kacie B, MSW is a freelance writer, Enneagram Institute Authorized Teacher, and international speaker. She is the coauthor of The Modern Enneagram, forthcoming from Althea Press in February 2017. She works as a professional blogger and copywriter for businesses and Enneagram clients. Her writing has appeared in xoJane, Personality Revealed, The Billfold, Mapquest, Skirt Collective, and Nine Points Magazine. As a Director of Management, she has planned and co-facilitated workshops for business, spiritual, and community audiences. Kacie holds an MSW from UC Berkeley and a BA in Philosophy from Scripps College. She enjoys developing and researching new Enneagram applications.


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Kacie B's Blog Post Product Experience

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Kacie co-authors a blog for her own website and has written bylined and ghostwritten blog posts for a wide variety of businesses and websites.

Industry Projects

  • Travel20+
  • Spirituality10+
  • Education10+
  • Finance6
  • Health2

Summary of Industry Experience


Kacie written a number articles related to traveling, and things to do at popular destinations, for multiples publications. Her work in this area includes writing descriptions about popular landmarks in cities, and articles describing activities, things to do, or restaurants in these cities. She's also written articles on travel and managing money and other related travel hacks.


As a certified teacher of the Enneagram of Personality, Kacie is an international speaker and teacher who has taught students from a variety of religious backgrounds about personal and spiritual growth using this powerful system. Kacie is delighted to also write paid articles on this topic for other websites, and co-writes an Enneagram blog for her own website. Her first book, The Modern Enneagram, is forthcoming in April 2017.


Kacie earned her TESOL Certificate to teach English as a Second Language in 2015 and has worked as an ESL instructor for adults. She's been pleased to take this background and write articles about language learning for websites. She also is experienced in writing about colleges and university life, with a particular specialization in writing about women's colleges.


Kacie is an expert on personal and entrepreneurial finances, experience gained from running her own company. Her financical writing appears on The Billfold and Starting Business.


As a Master of Social Work (MSW), Kacie has experience working with children and adults with severe, choronic mental health conditions, substance abuse disorders, elderly adults with complex medical conditions and mental health diagnoses, and adults with developmental disabilities.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Newsletter Content2
  • Book1
  • eBook0

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Kacie co-authors a blog for her own website and has written bylined and ghostwritten blog posts for a wide variety of businesses and websites.

Newsletter Content

Kacie has ghostwritten newsletters for multiples companies, on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to spirituality, as well as creating the monthly newsletter for her own business. Kacie am well versed in Mailchimp and Constant Contact and learns other newsletter software easily. She has experience writing copy for newsletters, finding photos, and creating layouts.


Kacie is the co-author of the forthcoming book The Modern Enneagram, an updated and modern introduction to the Enneagram of Personality system. Learn how to thrive in your work, relationships, and personal growth through the self-knowledge you'll gain through learning your Enneagram type. The book is forthcoming from Callisto Media's Althea Press imprint and will be published on April 2, 2017.


Kacie is the co-author of the eBook "Decoding Personality in the Workplace," a guide to using knowledge of personality types fo improving workplace relationships and taking your career to the next level.

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