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Aloha! Bryan is a 30-year-old analyst and freelance writer living on the beautiful island of Oahu, HI. He's been developing web content for over 7 years, originally starting on a self-owned blog about baseball statistics and advanced game strategy but later moving to more varied topics that require more than just an analyst's perspective: internet marketing strategy, social media marketing, eating on a budget, optimizing eBay listings, and even homebrewing beer.

From his original project in baseball analytics, Bryan developed the ability to explain complicated concepts to readers of all levels of understanding, but he also tried to inject personality and wit into what was typically viewed as a dry, objective subject.

In branching beyond analytical writing, Bryan has enjoyed being able to write with less rigidity. He wants his writing to be engaging to the reader. Reading great writing should evoke the same reaction and interest as hearing a great story. If the reader doesn't want to click through to the next article on your site or leave thinking, "That answered all of my questions," then he failed in the assignment.

Bryan's style is professional, clean, succinct, and vivid. He wants to bring passion to his assignments, and work with you help your readers connect to the subject about which you are passionate.

Mahalo for reading!
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University of Delaware

Graduated from University of Delaware with a B.A. in Biological Sciences while also completing course work in Public Administration


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Bryan has written about homebrewing beer, which is a hobby growing in popularity around the world. He is also an experience home cook and loves to write about health and nutrition, as well as great recipes and cost-saving shopping strategies.


0 Projects Completed

Bryan operated a baseball-centered statistical web site for 6 years and has the bulk of his experience within this category. He specialized in sabermetric analysis and has contributed to major websites such as Fangraphs, Bleacher Report, FOX Contributor network, and others.

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16 Projects Completed

In Bryan's 7-plus years of creating web content, he's written well over 1,000 blog posts and (virtually) penned nearly 1 million words. While his experience began in sports writing, he's branched into more content areas and has even written about selling women's clothing.

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