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Terence is a professional writer with over 25 years of experience. He has a BA in English with a Concentration in Writing.

Terence has assisted both corporate and private clients with their content needs. He's been published in such newspapers as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Baltimore Sun, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Detroit Free Press, and magazines such as Black Belt and Fight!

He's written a wide variety of content for clients, including online content, articles, blogs, crowdfunding and video scripts, business proposals (technical and regular), SEO content, e-books, corporate resumes, brochures, profiles, project briefs, and overviews, and many other types of marketing/communication materials.


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Industry Projects

  • Business100+
  • Construction100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Terence has written content for a number of businesses. These businesses encompass a number of industries. He has written content for O'Brien & Gere (engineering and scientific solutions), S.P. Richards (office products), Hughes Supply (tools and supply), and United Parcel Service (delivery services and solutions), among others.


Terence has written extensively for the construction industry. The content he has created includes business proposals, brochures, flyers, project briefs, industry resumes, and many others.

Product Projects

  • Grant/Proposal100+
  • Web Page20+
  • eBook2

Summary of Product Experience


Terence has over 10 years of professional experience writing proposal, qualification, inquiry, and questionnaire response to business opportunities.

He has written technical proposals, qualifications, and questionnaires for engineering and scientific projects (including RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, Sources Sought, SF254, SF255, SF330), and competitive bid proposals for day care centers, among others.

Web Page

Terence has written web page content for clients such as United Parcel Service, Hughes Supply, S.P. Richards, and many others companies and individuals.


Terence has ghostwritten several e-books. These e-books were on overcoming insecurity and a wilderness survival manual.

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