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Shale has been writing for the web since 2005, generating clicks, search engine results and significant revenue for his clients.

He's written for law firms and other businesses throughout the U.S., creating and coordinating marketing content, blogs, articles, public profiles, slideshows and other materials to support their business goals. His diverse writing experience includes fiction, news articles, humor pieces, restaurant reviews, recipes, pet name lists, poems and much more.

Shale understands the importance of knowing your audience. Whether a piece calls for thoughtful and sophisticated or sharp and punchy, he crafts content that informs, influences and sells.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


As the director of content for Boogiepets, Shale crafted dozens of pet name lists based on animal breeds and other characteristics. Lists included names for big pets, small pets, unique pets, funny pets, black cats, Eskimo Huskies, beta fish and much more. Shale researched and created lists of the most commonly reoccurring pet names to form the backbone for this website. He created lists to match commonly reoccurring pet name searches, and crafted whimsical pet name descriptions that also targeted keyword searches.


Shale has written satirical news pieces, funny screenplays and award winning science fiction with a darkly humorous bent. With a background in TV, theater, improve and film, Shale has a wide-ranging perspective on what is funny and how humor is received in different venues. He understands that "knowing your audience" is everything.


In his role as content strategist for a leading legal marketing firm, Shale wrote website content, blogs, articles and other materials for hundreds of law firms throughout the U.S. He conducted in-depth interviews with clients to ascertain their business goals and marketing needs. This consultative approach allowed Shale to craft content that addressed the needs of legal consumers and performed on the web.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Shale has written thousands of web pages for law firms and other businesses throughout the U.S. The topics of those pages range from pet names to pregnancy calendars to complex business litigation. Shale knows how to write web pages that not only perform in search engines, but also compel a human audience to act. In his role as a content strategist for a leading legal marketing firm, Shale worked with web designers, SEO experts and project managers to craft web content that suited the unique demands and goals of clients.

Facebook Post

As a content strategist for a leading legal marketing firm, Shale wrote hundreds of blog posts for law firms across the U.S., and promoted those posts on Facebook. In creating Facebook posts, Shale wrote compelling text designed to appeal to legal consumers. He also chose appropriate and eye-grabbing images from a stock photography library.

Product Description

Shale wrote hundreds of fabric descriptions for an online marketing company. His knack for descriptive language allowed him to craft content that leapt off the page, painting a picture of a diverse range of fabric types and patterns. His detailed descriptions addressed not only the look of the fabric, but also the feel.

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