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It is not about what you say. It is about how you say it. The new demands of copy and content require unique strategies crafted to inspire action, engage with relevance, and entertain through transparency. Vanaye's strategies establish your brand and give your customers reasons to trust you - but most importantly buy or signup. Through data analysis, industry trends, and market research Vanaye delivers realistic results that are achieved through planning, strategy, research, collaboration, and structure.


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Vanaye has worked with businesses from all over the world and is well versed in topics for both B2C and B2B. She has a proven ability to utilize website analytics and identify audience patterns based on clicks and on page heat patterns. She harnesses these patterns and creates relevant copy that sales and leads customers directly into sales funnels.

Consumer Goods

Vanaye excels in consumer oriented industries. From retail to services, she has dabbled in various product niches including food, health supplements, apparel, softwares, human resources, coaching, and more.


Vanaye is a marketing professional. Her ability to simplify digital marketing and offer real world insights into how to market online has benefited more than 100 companies to date. She is well versed, flexible, and detail oriented.

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Summary of Product Experience

Email Copy

For more than 10 years Vanaye has partnered with marketing firms and businesses to develop engaging copy and effective digital campaigns via blogs and social media. Her clients include Pandora, Stitch Fix, University of Phoenix, and many others. Through strategy and research her copy is crafted to engage audiences and optimize click-through rates for an average of 4%. She manages and develop email campaigns responsible for 12% of sales each month for an eCommerce store. Her ability to analyze audience patterns, data, and insights to develop effective campaigns is unmatched.

Product Description

Vanaye creates engaging and relevant copy that describes products in detail while maintaining consistent messaging and tone across all products. She provides viable and tangible reasons to buy for consumers through understanding trends in the niche as well as consumer purchase patterns.

Web Page

Vanaye interprets data and website traffic information to reach relevant audiences and close sales digitally within three clicks. She establishes brands as industry leaders through strategic messaging and copy placement. Vanaye has a unique ability to identify areas of improvement utilizing research, data, and trends to polish brand efforts and calls to action.

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