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Ryan W
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Ryan began his writing journey as a young child writing fictitious stories that used to just floor his parents. In school, he'd always ace the advanced English courses and later, tackled the hardest writing assignments. As he was pursuing his MBA, Ryan found himself gravitating towards business copywriting. The thrill of figuring out "just how to say it" kept him coming back for more.

Now, as a full-time Marketing Manager for a software company, Ryan's able to indulge in this thrill every day. Helping sales teams craft a closing email, building nurture campaigns, developing ad copy, and drafting blog articles that are shared on many different platforms has kept his interest for years now, and Ryan is ready to bring his expertise to you.
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Email Copywriting, Website Copywriting, Social Media, Sales Emails, Nurture Campaigns, Advertising Campaigns, Personal Letters


Technology, Marketing, Advertising, Blogging, Crossfit, Health and Wellness, Food Culture, Restaurant Technology, Entrepreneurship


Butler University

While attending Butler University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Ryan worked for a year at an Advertising Agency where he would regularly work on many copywriting projects including end-user presentations, advertising campaigns, and other projects.

Ryan also worked on many other projects while attending Butler University including social media campaigns, email campaigns, nurture campaigns, and mailer copy.

University of Kentucky

At the University of Kentucky, Ryan studied the craft of developing a business, amongst other things. His studies included finance, marketing, and operations emphasis that would help a business in its infancy as well as grow an established business.

As an MBA student, Ryan worked on a cross-functional team on several projects with engineering firms and operational firms to help end clients realize cost savings. Through these projects, Ryan would serve as the final copywriter and editor for end-client presentations. In addition, Ryan would also draft the presentations the team would use to deliver results back to the University.

Key writing skills utilized: Business plan development, Powerpoint Copywriting, Report Copywriting, Ad Copywriting, End-User Reports, Survey Copywriting


0 Projects Completed

Ryan has crafted content for businesses of various sizes since completing his MBA 3 years ago. His straightforward strategy cuts to the heart of the consumer and engages them with copy that is familiar and relatable. This has been wildly successful for his clients and will surely bring success to your project.

Between email copywriting, driving further engagement with web copy, creating engaging calls to action, Ryan's writing style is enjoyed by many businesses - from tech to print to health and wellness.


0 Projects Completed

Within the technology industry, Ryan has been a recurring asset to one of the Restaurant & Hospitality industry's largest players, providing web copy, press editorial, email copy, and blog copy. His knowledge is great surrounding cloud trends, iOS, and SaaS (Software as a Service). He has personal experience in optimizing blog content and leveraging blog content via social to grow brands. Most notably, he has grown one brand to be one of the premier thought leaders in the Hospitality Industry, often quoted and featured on industry trade publications and podcasts.


0 Projects Completed

Ryan has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. As an avid Crossfitter and Crossfit coach, he knows the benefit of functional movement. His own weight loss journey has led him to write many blog posts surrounding food and healthy eating, maintaining proper motivation, and general wellness. As a freelancer, Ryan has also penned blogs for several Crossfit gyms in the Southern California area. These blog posts have been utilized in social media campaigns managed by the gyms.

Blog Post

2 Projects Completed

As a blogger, Ryan has the unique ability to quickly turn any topic into an engaging post that will have people sharing and clicking! He often deploys the popular "list format" for most articles, as that has recently been a very popular way of disseminating information. In addition to conveying an engaging message, Ryan can quickly understand and tailor his writing style to any specific "voice" you would prefer for your blog post... Would you like it to sound conversational or professional? Ryan is able to quickly adapt and execute.

Email Copy

1 Projects Completed

One area of expertise that has received positive feedback as well as positive results through high engagement numbers is email copy. Ryan has experience writing nurture campaigns, salesperson email drip campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, and promotional email campaigns. Ranging from technology to printing to the health and wellness industry, his punchy and click-driving copy will be sure to meet and exceed your marketing goals.

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