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Since you're looking for a skilled, experienced writer, you probably have a need that must be addressed or a problem that needs to be fixed – and pronto. Maybe you're in need of website copy that'll draw in your target audience like a spotlight draws in moths. Or you want to boost your online presence by adding relevant, engaging blog posts. Perhaps simply you need a tag line, an About Us page or a press release that will reach a large number of people and maybe even create a buzz in your industry.

Larry can help. He can do so by:
• Communicating with you and/or your staffers to ensure that the information you want to convey is spot-on accurate.
• Writing copy that is concise, clear, engaging, persuasive and colorful.
• Reviewing, copyediting and proofreading all material so that it is *exactly* what you want. (In addition to being a seasoned writer, Larry has been a professional copy editor and proofreader for nearly 20 years.)

Larry can do all this – and much more – but only if you contact him. With your valuable input, he'll create the content that'll get you exactly where you want to go.


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Larry U's Consumer Goods Industry Experience

15 Projects Completed

For the last 10 years, Larry has written and edited a variety of articles and product reviews about everything from family-health products to state-of-the-art digital devices.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing20+
  • Consumer Goods10+
  • Travel10+

Summary of Industry Experience


While business writers and other journalists ply their craft in order to inform, marketing and public relations writers do so in order to influence the reader. For example, why would you choose one pet store over the others in your neighborhood? What makes one Italian eatery more palatable than the two others down the street?

The bottom line is this: The most well-researched, accurate and even helpful content is worthless -- that's right, worthless -- if it can't influence your target audience.

Larry can do that. And he's really good at it.

Consumer Goods

For the last 10 years, Larry has written and edited a variety of articles and product reviews about everything from family-health products to state-of-the-art digital devices.


If, as the old dictum goes, "A picture's worth a thousand words," then what's the point of travel writing when anyone can access a colorful variety of stunning images from New Zealand, New York or New Guinea?

Accomplished travel writers don't spoon-feed their readers with bland details and dull cliches. Rather, they paint pictures, "words-eye views" that tap into their imaginations. While travel scribes furnish the necessary information, they do so in engaging ways that move the readers to learn more about locales far and wide.

Larry has written travel stories from Costa Rica, Nepal and Cancun, among other adventurous locales.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Product Description10+
  • Brochure7

Summary of Product Experience


Remember that often-repeated saying by Jack Webb in the old cop series "Dragnet"? When interviewing a witness to a crime, he'd usually say, "Just the facts, ma'am."

Well, Larry is fully aware that this simply doesn't wash when it comes to writing articles. In addition to furnishing the facts, he has a proven track record of doing so in a creative, engaging -- and often humorous -- manner. He has written restaurant and tech-product reviews, sports stories, outdoor/adventure pieces, parenting and family-health stories, office-design features and much more.

Product Description

The best product descriptions quickly get to the point and answer the following key questions:
1. What is it?
2. How does it work?
3. Why would I want to buy it?
4. How can I get it?

Doing so in a conversational, engaging fashion is icing on the proverbial cake.


The copy furnished in any brochure must hook in the reader very quickly, since word count is typically low. Lose the reader, and you've just lost a potential source of revenue.

Larry has written brochures for a variety of industries. The following sample takes the high road to the auto industry.

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