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Ray taught English full-time for several years before his writing career took off. He's been writing professionally for over a decade, with a long list of publications and writing experience for newspapers, magazines, journals, articles, and both radio and print. Much of Ray's work has been in the hotel, restaurant, food, and travel sectors, and in non-profit emails and websites.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Web Development

Ray has 5+ years building websites, working in UX/UI, front end development, and using LAMP stack to craft websites in a variety of industries, including dance, travel, food & beverages, and the non-profit sector.

Non Profit

Ray currently works on and manages a large website for a multinational NGO that has offices in over 10 different countries. He updates and writes copy for blogs, pages, publications, and does graphical and image work.


Ray has written numerous guidebooks for top-industry publications such as Lonely Planet, Insight Guide, AA CityPack, and more, as well as frequent articles in newspapers and magazines. He has also been featured on radio and television, introducing quirky tourist destinations or discussing his new novel, set in Tulum.

Product Projects

  • Email Copy100+
  • Article50+
  • Book20+

Summary of Product Experience

Email Copy

Ray is currently in a digital marketing department that produces hundreds of emails in multiple languages and across many donation sectors.


Ray has written numerous articles for a variety of media, including print and online newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, and more.


Ray is the author of numerous guidebooks about Japan, Mexico, and Korea, plus the author of a fiction novel, set in Tulum, Mexico.

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