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Piotr worked for a mail-order business for 15 years. During that time, he was in charge of writing product descriptions for the company's printed catalog and online store, translating foreign movie scripts into English and adding the subtitles to the films, and writing any other copy required for regular business operations.

Following that job, Piotr began working for a content company, writing various researched articles and slideshows. The content produced for the website dealt with the entertainment industry, sports, politics, wildlife and infrastructure.

Today, Piotr continues to work for the content company while freelancing on the side.


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Industry Projects

  • Entertainment100+
  • Sports20+
  • Food2

Summary of Industry Experience


Piotr has closely followed celebrity news for over a decade and has written many articles and slideshows about the entertainment industry. His written pieces have focused on movies, television shows, musical acts, celebrity gossip and the behind-the-scenes workings of Hollywood and the music industry. As he is a big fan of films, Piotr has seen an incredible amount of movies from the 1980s to the present, which helps him bring that much more expertise to the field.


Piotr has written approximately 30 articles and slideshows about the sports industry. The themes of his articles included professional players, sporting venues, and the professional player lifestyle. These articles covered most of the popular professional sports, namely the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the Olympic Games, weight lifting, golf, professional soccer and Major League Baseball.


Piotr co-authored two separate cookbooks. In addition to providing his own recipes, he translated the books from Polish to English and converted the measurements to American standards. Piotr wrote the books with clear and concise cooking instructions, but also included some humorous asides to keep the text lively and enjoyable to read.

Product Projects

  • Product Description500+
  • Article100+
  • Book3

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Piotr has written over 500+ product descriptions for a wholesale mail-order business. The product descriptions were used in successive catalogs over several years, as well as in the company's online store. Piotr updated the product descriptions as the need arose and did all he could to perfect them for maximum customer reach and sales.


Piotr has written over 150 articles in a variety of topics for a content website. Most of the articles dealt with the entertainment industry, sports, wildlife and politics. Most of the articles required research, with about half of them needing in-depth research into very specific topics. Piotr has been a life-long learner and revels in acquiring new knowledge.


Piotr has written a quick-reference book on Polish holidays and had it published. The book describes the most popular Polish holidays and traditions in a conversational and witty tone. It also includes some of Piotr's own family traditions, giving the book a more personal feeling and making it easily relatable.

In addition to his own book, Piotr also co-authored and translated two Polish cookbooks which were published for the American market. He translated the books from Polish to English and contributed a few of his own recipes.

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