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Credit risk professional with significant experience analyzing, underwriting, and approving commercial loan requests, particularly within a community bank setting. Clients range from small to medium-sized businesses.


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Stephen is an experienced credit risk professional who has analyzed numerous small and medium-sized businesses. His underwriting ranges from deal sizes as large as $25 million to as small as $50,000. In that underwriting, Stephen has created documents exceeding well over 20 pages that have provided executive management and the bank's Board of Directors a document to determine loan approval. Additionally, Stephen has prepared budgets, projections, cash flows, and financial analyses for customers. His exposure in credit analysis extends beyond underwriting to include allowance for loan loss calculations, portfolio management, concentration monitoring, and training and development of new analysts.


As an underwriter, Stephen has intimate knowledge of what banks - particularly community banks - look for when analyzing loan requests. Additionally, he has insight into what areas banks are more willing to make concessions in interest rates, fees, and loan conditions.


Stephen has direct exposure to various business topics. This includes budgeting, training, and managing due to his officer position within the bank. He also is familiar with common issues affecting all small to medium sized business owners, such as loans, accounting, and financial planning.

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Stephen's most significant experience in credit analysis directly involves creating the loan approval document. This offering describes the terms of the deal, strengths and weaknesses of the transaction, and ultimately indicates either an "approved" or "deny" recommendation. The presentation includes concise narrative as well as clean charts to support the loan approver's decision.

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