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Jenn is a passionate and hardworking Marketing professional who is striving for greatness. Marketing strives on creation which is why she has been able to excel in her profession. She is a hardworking individual who takes initiative in the workplace and performs above expectations. Jenn has a very wide range of work experience. She has extensive experience writing and editing content for websites with a concentration on Search Engine Optimization. She has experience working and managing a large amount of enterprise accounts at a time. She is Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified. Her additional expertise includes email retention marketing, SEO, direct mail marketing, pay-per-click advertising, campaign analysis, and account management.


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Industry Projects

  • Business4
  • Auto2
  • Beauty0

Summary of Industry Experience


Jenn has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the Business industry. Her numerous marketing communication plans and business plans are representation of her skill when it comes to writing Business content. All content for websites will be engaging as well as search engine optimized.


Jenn has written hundreds of content pieces for the Auto Repair Industry. All pieces were created and edited for landing pages on websites. The content was relevant to the service or vehicle and was search engine optimized. The content included auto repair services, vehicles, as well as homepage content and about us content for auto repair shops. All content was optimized in order to boost SEO for the particular service or vehicle.


Jenn has written content for professional cosmetic companies, including her own company. All content was created in order to enhance certain products and to intrigue readers to purchase. She has experience creating this content for both cosmetics and hair products. The content is written to be search engine optimized.

Product Projects

  • Web Page50+
  • Email Copy0
  • Banner Ad0

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Jenn has written hundreds of pieces for web page content. She understands the importance of having fresh and relevant content on your website in order to rank high on Google and be visible to potential customers. She will create content that is relevant to the topic of the landing page, as well as search engine optimized to increase clicks to your website.

Email Copy

Jenn has years of experience when it comes to creating content and graphics for email campaigns. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, holiday email blasts, customer retention emails, special offer emails, informative emails, and monthly eNewsletters. All content is created in order to increase conversion rate and includes an engaging call-to-action.

Banner Ad

Jenn is both Google Adwords and Bing Ads certified, and has experience writing ads for both platforms. She has studied and developed Ads for over 100 different clients in her experience. She is knowledgeable in creating engaging ads that will generate clicks for your business.

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