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For a period of more than six years, Raphael has been committed to providing his esteemed clients with quality articles. He strongly believes that his clients' expectations should not only be met but also exceeded in very special ways.


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Summary of Industry Experience


As an ardent traveler who loves moving around for both leisure and business purposes, Raphael is very experienced in writing travel-related articles. He has not only traveled extensively across the world but also been to countless hotels and seen numerous attractions, making him believe that he has all the information his fellow travel lovers may need at his fingertips.

Home Living

Being that Raphael lives with neighbors who are concerned about the beauty of their homes and compounds, has seen the need to concentrate on home improvement too. He dedicates most of his time consulting with several local landscaping companies and giving many of his friends and neighbors smart tips on how to ensure that their homes are aesthetically appealing year-round.

Product Projects

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  • Blog Post1,000+

Summary of Product Experience


Articles written by Raphael are well-researched and contain every information needed to be relayed to his readers. This has enabled him to continue gaining the confidence of more and more clients and getting numerous recommendations at both national and international levels. He strongly believe that both his clients and readers need to get exactly what they deserve at all times.

Blog Post

Raphael clearly understands that the online reader wants something engaging and educative to keep him/her yearning for more. He also knows that a blog post isn't worth reading if it doesn't cause a spark, explaining why he works so hard to produce easy-to-understand content that can be read and enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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