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Gwen wrote her first book in 1999. She was hired as an SEO writer in 2003. She ventured into her own online writing business in 2004. She wrote academic essays, e-books, SEO content, article and blog writing.


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Industry Projects

  • Fitness500+
  • Business500+
  • Health500+

Summary of Industry Experience


Gwen has written numerous health and fitness articles in the past. Being a nursing student, health is a topic she is familiar with.


Gwen is a Commerce major in Accounting graduate. She is adept in writing business and entrepreneurship articles such as Marketing.


Gwen is pursuing a degree in nursing and has extensive knowledge of health topics. She wrote a number of articles about health such migraine, healthy diets, and various health conditions.

Product Projects

  • Article500+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience


Gwen wrote numerous articles for various sites. The topics vary from health to business to news and entertainment.

Blog Post

Gwen has her own blog and ghost write several blogposts online. She enjoys writing about various topics for a blog. This is one of her specialties.

Product Description

Gwen has done several projects on product description which was aimed to promote the product. The article often talks about the advantages derived from using the product.

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