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After graduating with her masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, Amanda started working as a substitute teacher and continues to work in that position. In this position, Amanda has the ability to inspire students and is able to indirectly apply what she learned during her time in the counseling program at seminary. Most of the time she writes about mental health, but Amanda specializes in other areas as well. In January 2014 she created a mental health blog where she helps her readers find solutions to the issues they may be facing. Amanda also writes posts in a Facebook group that she helps admin and helps people with their ongoing medical needs.


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Health/ Medicine
For the past few years Amanda has been able to interact a with and glean from the knowledge of people in online Facebook groups. She is also a moderator for a Facebook group for people with Mast Cell Activation Disorders which is an umbrella term for a group of disorders characterized by mast cell proliferation within various organs throughout the body and/or the degranulation of mast cells which can then in turn lead to an anaphylactic reaction. Amanda writes brief educational messages in her group to aid others in understanding their ongoing medical issues and spends a great deal of time reading and researching information about treatments and cures for many illnesses both common and rare.

Mental Health
Amanda's passion for writing and her background in marriage and family counseling come together when she writes in her blog on mental health issues each month. Amanda also has experience in academic writing and is seasoned in the field writing scholarly papers because she spent a lot of time writing papers in college and in seminary while working on her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Amanda has experience reading and researching about food and nutrition and is able to translate that into online posts in her Facebook groups. She has been able to help people with a range of different needs and enjoys learning how to help people meet their dietary needs.

-The Christian Faith
-Systematic Theology
Amanda has experience writing scholarly papers on religion and faith because she spent three years in seminary taking classes and writing papers on various theological concepts. Amanda also has experience with non-academic religious writing as she grew up in the church and has unique experience in writing many different genres.

Amanda's travels have given her unique interest in foreign travel and she has experience in writing trip reports as she acted as group historian during several of her mission group trips to Africa and Armenia. Amanda hails from Texas, but feels comfortable in Africa. With that said, she also feels comfortable writing about the history and culture of the countries she has been to and the state she is a native of.

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Blog Post

Blog Post
Amanda has maintained a mental health blog for two and half years and has written on many topics since creating her blog. Amanda's has experience sharing her blog and marketing herself through her blog. Amanda's blog has reached others in different parts of the country in the time she has been writing and she has had other people share her blog links.

Social Media Post
Amanda is proficient in using Twitter and Facebook to promote her blog. She has been on the media platforms since the beginning of their creation and would comfortable helping others with their posts.

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