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Angela is currently the voice of several companies, including an accredited background screening provider, a home health agency, a reverse mortgage specialist, and several nonprofit organizations, writing professional, engaging content for blogs, articles, ebooks, email campaigns, and social media.

She is a strong writer who actively enjoys the research process, so customers can always be assured of the highest quality work product from her. She is a proven leader, very detail-oriented, and highly organized. Her clients have experienced significant growth in Google Rankings through the use of targeted SEO content development.

Angela is excited to learn the details of your project, and is ready to get started today!
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Angela's specialty is writing high quality, engaging content that will have your customers clamoring for more. Her academic training in social work and marketing qualify her to dig deep to find the most credible information available to her clients in order to provide outstanding work.


Angela is a lifelong lover of books, and reads everything from popular fiction to classics, historical fiction to political nonfiction, and everything in between. She is a lover of animals, and currently shares space with a 6-year-old Schnoodle named Bernie.

Angela is a big believer in the power of the underdog, and she is especially interested in issues surrounding social justice. Additionally, having experienced the loss of a child to epilepsy, Angela understands and is deeply interested in issues around grief and the healing process.

She also loves alternative and 90's hiphop music, superhero movies, and being an auntie to her fabulously talented 13-year-old niece.


Georgia Perimeter College

Angela obtained her Associate degree in Social Work while working in a call center full-time. She completed her degree with Honors and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Southern New Hampshire University

Angela is currently four terms away from completing her Business degree in Marketing, with a concentration in social media management. She holds a 4.0 GPA.


50 Projects Completed

Angela has written for a global background screening company for the last two and a half years, providing clear, consistent educational material for an audience interested in the world of hiring, recruitment, screening, and human resources. Her material in this industry has been used for blogs, press releases, ebooks, email campaigns, video scripts, and social media posts.


25 Projects Completed

Angela's work with a local home health care agency exposed her to a variety of issues affecting the elderly, and allowed her the opportunity to write about these issues with authority. Her work related to Alzheimer's education and awareness prepared her for a Board position with a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for families within her local community who struggle with Alzheimer's and other related dementia.

Non Profit

0 Projects Completed

Angela provides unpaid services to three Georgia nonprofits: Alana's Angels, which seeks to provide resources to families who have lost a child; Alzheimer's Music Fest, which provides resources and respite care to families coping with Alzheimer's disease and other related dementia; and Amy's Place, the first standalone memory care café in the United States, which offers a place to go for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers.

Her background and experience with the loss of a child herself, as well as her work with a home health care agency, have uniquely prepared her to write with an authoritative yet soothing voice on issues that affect these groups.

Facebook Post

100 Projects Completed

As a social media manager and content producer, Angela understands the power that social media has over business today. She has demonstrated success in providing brands with the tools they need to create compelling Facebook posts to use them to drive website traffic, audience reach, and meaningful engagement. She would love to help you learn to maximize your presence on Facebook, too!

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50 Projects Completed

As the voice of several Atlanta organizations, Angela has demonstrated proficiency in writing compelling and engaging blog content that serves to educate and entertain audiences. Blogging is one of Angela's passions, and while she usually has one of her own going, her expertise is in helping brands find their unique voice through the power of the blog.


5 Projects Completed

Ebooks are a popular way for business to present content while also collecting much-needed contact information from potential clients. The ebook format is one Angela is familiar with, and she enjoys putting together visuals and copy that excite and motivate the reader. The purpose of a good ebook is to provide information in a way that makes the content seem interesting and easy-to-understand, even when the material is quite complex. Angela would love to work with you on your ebook project!

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