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Emily has worked for many different clients such as marketing firms, magazines and publishers. She has both created and edited content before and has over a hundred bylines in various journals, magazines and newspapers. As such, she is familiar with freelancing and able to produce quality work for any and all clients.


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Industry Projects

  • Green Living5
  • Women5
  • Entertainment3

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Living

Emily has written on green living many times for both a newspaper and a blog. She has focused primarily on aspects of green living that are relevant to college-aged women; however, she would like to expand to new audiences.


Emily has focused on feminist issues in a lot of her writing, looking at gender gaps in the literary world, how female astronauts? are treated in comparison to their male counterparts, and how female superheroes are overly sexualized. Writing about women and women's issues is one of Emily's primary passions in life.


Emily has written numerous articles including convention reviews and comic book reviews, as well as more critical analyses of various aspects of the entertainment field. Her primary focus was on literature, video games, and comics.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Web Page5
  • White Paper3

Summary of Product Experience


Emily has written articles for a variety of clients, such as newspapers, magazines, and marketing companies. She wrote on many topics, including geek culture, adult toys and event coverage.

Web Page

Throughout her time as a freelancer, Emily has created several web pages for various companies. She focused primarily on About pages and History pages.

White Paper

Emily has created several white papers for a marketing company for their various clients. Subjects ranged from time management to how to make the most of a convention.

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