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Mary M
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Over the past 22 years, Mary has gained invaluable knowledge from three major fields of business: Hospitality (namely Trade Show and Special Event Decorating), Manufacturing, and Banking. She has continually grown professionally, increasing her responsibilities with each new job position or company change.

Composing professional documents is a daily activity for Mary. She is up for any challenge, whether it's revising a lengthy union agreement, proofreading client contracts, or creating an equipment catalog to streamline inventory control.

She particularly enjoys reviewing her coworkers correspondence and professional documentation and advising them on changes that would improve their work. These days it is not uncommon for her to be sitting at a coworker's desk helping them navigate various software programs or internet websites. She is also an advocate for teaching these skills rather than simply doing the work for them.

Mary's passion for computer technology, reading and writing has been a constant her entire life. It is not unusual for Mary to be reading two novels at once, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, simply because she can't choose which one to read first. Writing was a natural transition for her and she does so every chance she gets.
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