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Mary M
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Over the past 22 years, Mary has gained invaluable knowledge from three major fields of business: Hospitality (namely Trade Show and Special Event Decorating), Manufacturing, and Banking. She has continually grown professionally, increasing her responsibilities with each new job position or company change.

Composing professional documents is a daily activity for Mary. She is up for any challenge, whether it's revising a lengthy union agreement, proofreading client contracts, or creating an equipment catalog to streamline inventory control.

She particularly enjoys reviewing her coworkers correspondence and professional documentation and advising them on changes that would improve their work. These days it is not uncommon for her to be sitting at a coworker's desk helping them navigate various software programs or internet websites. She is also an advocate for teaching these skills rather than simply doing the work for them.

Mary's passion for computer technology, reading and writing has been a constant her entire life. It is not unusual for Mary to be reading two novels at once, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, simply because she can't choose which one to read first. Writing was a natural transition for her and she does so every chance she gets.
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Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Internet Research


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Houghton College P.A.C.E. Program

Returning to school to pursue her Bachelor degree was essential to Mary's professional advancement. This was not, however, her only reason for returning to school. Education has always been a pleasure for Mary, and she enthusiastically enrolled at Houghton College to take advantage of the Program for Accelerating College Education (P.A.C.E.). The degree program is designed to be completed in 17 months; however, Mary was able to complete the program in 15 months by including numerous essays in her portfolio, which allowed her to graduate before the rest of her class.

Erie Community College

When Mary began her college career, she wasn't satisfied with completing courses like a typical college student. Always pushing herself, her student advisor gave her permission to exceed the usual number of credit hours per semester and take summer courses in order to complete her degree program in only a year and a half. Furthermore, she excelled at her courses, namely Word Processing and Secretarial Services, to achieve an Honors Diploma.


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Mary was the Material and Production Control Coordinator for a leading automobile manufacturer. Her eight years with the company ended only because the company relocated. During her time with the company, she supervised the incoming and outgoing material and maintained a stable inventory production level. When the company began implementing Lean Manufacturing Principals, Mary was fundamental in its success. She was an active participant in any organizational improvements and initiated numerous procedures to further advance the company's goal of becoming a World Class Operation.

Prior to her auto industry employment, Mary was the Document Control Specialist for a successful Desiccant Manufacturer. Her daily responsibilities centered around the creation and revision of ISO 9001 / QS 9000 documentation. She also maintained the MSDS system and participated in the Total Quality Leadership Recycling Team.


0 Projects Completed

Mary's primary responsibility is the daily organization of incoming and outgoing material as an Assistant Operations Manager for a Trade Show and Special Events Decorator. She translates reports and floor plans into comprehensive data for distribution amongst the fourteen employees she supervises. Mary takes pride in the organization of warehouse essentials and maintains a meticulous inventory control. If a coworker has a software question, Mary is the one they contact to assist. Her software knowledge coupled with her desire to teach makes her extremely popular amongst her peers. With over 22 years in the corporate world, Mary has gained extensive knowledge across a wide variety of fields, such as computer technology, word processing, executive correspondence, safety procedures, and union contracts.


0 Projects Completed

PowerPoint presentations are a particular specialty of Mary's. Her attention to detail and creative design experience results in a powerful tool for communication.

Direct Mail

0 Projects Completed

Mary has composed several letters of request over the years. She has written personal letters requesting interviews or thanking potential employers for one she's had the privilege of receiving. There were also times when it was important to request donations from friends and/or businesses. She's also been asked for letters of reference and was able to provide these quickly and accurately. Composing these types of letters comes easily to Mary and she enjoys being able to provide professional documents to convey requests or other sentiments.

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