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Megan has written on a variety of topics including healthcare, lawn care, parenting, party planning, customer service, and more. She is a versatile writer with the ability to change voice as needed to reflect what your brand needs. She has spent many years in the web agency world and has gained knowledge on best practices for writing for the web. Megan is meticulous with grammar yet her writing is easy to read and follow. If she doesn't know about a subject, she will research it to fully understand the industry.


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Industry Projects

  • Entertainment50+
  • Agriculture10+
  • Kids/Family3

Summary of Industry Experience


Megan has spent 3+ years writing blog posts in regards to party and event planning. These articles cover any and all types of events, such as birthday parties, family reunions, holiday parties, and more. These blogs also address tips for making life events better, such as wedding day or graduation day ideas. Other blog articles are aimed at institutions such as schools or churches and provide new ways to improve community events.


In 2012, Megan was hired to create all sales training for Building Better Soil. They were an emerging agriculture/landscaping company who provided a natural product for the industry. She also wrote press releases, blog posts, web copy, created sales tools, and more.


Megan has contributed articles to "mommy blogs" dealing with children's parties, party etiquette, and creative ideas for involving kids and family in special events.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Email Copy50+
  • White Paper3

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Megan has been writing blogs for 3-4 years and able to change voice as needed. She can write on multiple industries but most of her focus has been on event planning.

Email Copy

Megan has created multiple email marketing campaigns in various industries including event planning, healthcare/nursing, and landscaping.

White Paper

Megan has written a few white papers for the agriculture industry. They all dealt with the science and benefit behind using live microbes rather than chemical fertilizers in lawn care, golf courses, or even farmland.

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