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Dylan is a B2B Copywriter and Story Writer in Marketing, Book Writing and Entertainment.

A Word Artist Weaving B2B Non Fiction in Web Copy, E-mail, and Social Media:

• Content Penned Growing B2B, Media and Social Channels.

• Cultivating Audiences with Increased Brand Awareness through Targeted Messages.

• Story Content Creation Devised in Full-length Articles, Blogs and Web Copy. Optimized for Readability and Conversions.

"Dylan Alex was an extension of my team, assisting with blog posts, tweets on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, press releases, ranking highly in my Google Analytics."

"Dylan provided high quality writing. His technical content was excellent."
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Designing, Developing and Implementing Content, Including, but Not Limited to:

• E-mail Campaigns
• Blog Copy (Long Form)
• Script Writing
• CTA Marketing
• Landing Pages
• Branding Strategy
• Website Copy


A Glimpse of My Favorite Things:

• Comics ("Black Dragon", "Xena")
• Comic Book Writing
• Marketing
• Screenwriting
• Themyscira
• Volleyball


14 Projects Completed

Story-rich writing for B2B business in marketing.

Content writing through branding, copywriting and social media marketing. Directing readership to your core product(s) and manifesto.

Conversion copy growing reader response in web email campaigns, landing pages and web content.


3 Projects Completed

The moment content is published follows the countdown. Targeted content vies to captivate reader attention-spans.

Viewers thrive on news, technology and glamor to get them through the daily grind. Optimized content is the elixir to sate their wanderlust.

Dylan is a professional entertainment story copywriter penning:

• articles
• blogs and
• web copy

vies to capture reader attention-spans.

A copywriter versed in writing the memes behind the trends can position your content and collaterals at the front of your reader's minds. Attending to their hunger for information while enthralling them with timely media.

Dylan creates content that draws eyes, penning:

• eye-catching headlines
• informative sub-heads
• subject matter opening conversation
• data with proof and
• CTAs to drive readers to the business.

Utilizing the appropriate voice, from a CMS or social sites, optimized and publish-ready.


1 Projects Completed

Business Writing B2B in Marketing, Targeting Prospects with Email, E-Books and Social Media Copy.

• Fusing Your Message in Conversion Copy with White Papers and Branded Content in the second stage.

• Following with Case Studies and Story-Themed Writing to Give Readers the Consistent Business-Audience Message They Need.

• Empowering Business Content with:

• Data Proof and
• CTAs,

• Connecting Them as Life-Cycle Customers.

Dylan Writes to the Market, Purposing Directed Content in Marketing, Publishing and Web Content Channels.

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99 Projects Completed

Blogging B2B copy and story-based writing.

Dylan writes with a lens focusing on the peers and players in B2B and B2C in the corporate, entrepreneurial and private sector industries.

• Relating culture and happenings daily.

• Writing business copy provides relevant information to readers, without the jargon.

• Formatted for readability to increase page times.

• Positioning each post (or long-form article for Google happiness).

• For rapt social sharing.


9 Projects Completed

Blog and article content optimized beyond the makeshift listicle. Story-based writing with hard data and authoritative insights. Penned to position business copy as the resource in industry.


1 Projects Completed

Script writing piques and positions a message with a "story".

Active verbs and aural effects fuse a business' ideas into a cohesive tale. This style of Word-painting makes script copy leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Yodel or whisper, script writing for commercial and video features a copywriter, behind the scenes, taking your concepts to center stage.

Invite Dylan to script your brand. (Whether the industry is business entertainment, marketing or technology.)

Turning each script, Dylan designs, into a personal and professional brand story.

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