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Kelsey has been a writer since first grade when she "published" her own books as part of a class project. Through school, including college and graduate school, Kelsey pursued her love of science, specifically environmental science, and honed her technical and science writing skills while writing more creatively on the side. In January 2011 Kelsey started her personal blog, RISING*SHINING, as a creative outlet. In March 2012 Kelsey began a new chapter of her professional career as a science writer for Arizona State University, a position that allows her to draw on her love and understanding of research methodology and science disciplines while nurturing her curiosity and love of learning. In her work as a science writer Kelsey interviews expert researchers and writes articles to tell the story and impact of research and entrepreneurship at Arizona State University. More recently, she has expanded her role as a science writer to include making podcasts focused on Arizona State University research, supports the KEDtalks project and manages the creative team editorial calendar.

Outside of her full time job Kelsey still maintains RISING*SHINING and writes about her own story including goal-setting, motherhood and being a working mother, creativity, personal finances, homemaking and appreciating the small things. In 2014 Kelsey expanded her storytelling portfolio to include podcasts. She produces and co-hosts The Girl Next Door Podcast (~1,500 downloads per episode) and Matrimoney (~700 downloads per episode). Her personal essays, accompanied by a recipe, have been twice published in the literary food magazine Remedy Quarterly.

In her own creative writing and endeavors Kelsey writes and shares her own story thoughtfully and honestly with a tone of encouragement and support. She has grown a dedicated and engaged audience that includes blog readers, podcast listeners and Instagram followers.


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As a science writer at Arizona State University Kelsey routinely produces articles, marketing materials, annual reports and, more recently, podcasts that support the mission of higher education. She is skilled in engaging an audience even while covering complex research and disciplines.


On her personal blog and two podcasts Kelsey writes and produces content on a variety of topics that are relevant and of interest to women including motherhood, recipes, being a working mother, marriage and relationships, career, goal-setting, creativity, homemaking, personal finances and managing finances with a spouse.


Kelsey's love of food is evident in the blog posts she writes, podcasts she produces and the photographs that she shares on Instagram. She shares recipes on her personal blog, RISING*SHINING, and frequently produces podcast content about food and recipes on The Girl Next Door Podcast. In addition, she has had two essays published in the food literary magazine Remedy Quarterly (Issue 14 and Issue 21).

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As a science writer Kelsey regularly produces articles sharing current research happening at Arizona State University. Kelsey weaves in narrative to her articles to engage a lay audience and to show the impact of research in a relatable way. She has opportunities to cover the breadth of research at Arizona State University and has researched and written articles on the topics of big data, sustainable infrastructure, urban development policy as it relates to sustainability, medical humanities and health, and water as a human right.

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Kelsey has maintained a personal blog since January 2011 and her conversational, supportive and honest tone on a variety of subjects has led to the growth of a dedicated and engaged audience. On her personal blog Kelsey writes about goal-setting, motherhood and being a full time working mother, personal finances, recipes and cooking, creativity and appreciating the small things in life.


Kelsey is the producer and co-host of two podcasts, The Girl Next Door Podcast, a bi-weekly conversational and funny show with two next door neighbors chatting about life, motherhood, marriage, creativity and goals) and Matrimoney (a bi-weekly conversational and funny show with a husband and wife honestly discussing life, marriage and their money). For each podcast episode Kelsey develops a loose script to guide the show. These outlines are created to keep the show on topic while allowing for genuine conversation.

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