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Justin entered University and began studying Journalism in mid 2011. He shortly after began writing for his campus paper. About mid way through his junior year Justin accepted an internship opportunity at the weekly alternative paper NUVO in Indianapolis. He was part of the music department and during the internship started his own video interview segment titled, 'A day in the park with NUVO'.

He wrote and took photos covering the local music scene in Indianapolis, IN. Also during his junior year, he accepted the position of Photography Editor at his campus paper, the Campus Citizen. Through the duration of his senior year he took on another internship through the IUPUI athletics department. His duties were to report on and take photos of all home athletic events.

After graduating Justin accepted a position at Bob Thomas Dealerships as the Media Relations Specialist where he managed social media, photo content, and web content. After being there for about a year, he accepted a position as a Marketing & Communications Associate at Darlington Snacks. His duties here include managing social media, designing and editing sell sheets as well as spec sheets. He is also responsible for updating and designing the boxes and film that the snacks are wrapped in.


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Summary of Industry Experience


While working in the music department for a weekly alternative magazine, Justin started his own video interview segment. He also wrote reviews and summaries of local shows, ranging everywhere from indie folk to punk.


Justin S. writes and manages a blog for the company he works at, named Darlington Snacks. The company makes snacks for schools, healthcare, and retail facilities. While most are related to the snacks, they vary from blog to blog on the topic of focus. For example the most recent was a blog regarding Fall Holiday food items.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Justin manages and writes the blog for the company he works at full time. He writes and publishes two blogs per week, varying in a range of topics.


Justin S. has written articles in Athletics, food, Music, and entertainment. His range has given him the ability to quickly switch from a more conventional style of writing to an alternative one.

Twitter Post

Justin S. manages all social media for the company he currently works at. He also managed the social media for his previous company, Bob Thomas Dealerships.

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