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Geoffrey F
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Geoffrey's writing experience is mainly in the field of foreign policy, having published a number of news pieces and journal articles relating to the Korean Peninsula. During this past year, he also had the chance to write memos on American policy toward North Korea for Senator Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign. Currently, he works as an independent contractor helping to write and edit speeches for officials in the US State Department.

During graduate school, Geoffrey worked as the Writing Tutor at UC San Diego's School of International Relations/Pacific Studies, helping students with research papers, policy memos, and literature reviews. Many of these students worked in the corporate or government sectors of their home countries. He also has extensive experience teaching ESL to corporate clients in South Korea, including Business Writing courses.

Geoffrey's motivation for being part of the WriterAccess community is to seek out new challenges in writing and broaden his field of expertise. His talents are for taking complex, technical language and making it accessible to a wider audience, and for improving the flow and tempo of speeches and prose. He is prompt and professional, and looks forward to helping clients produce a wide range of clear, concise, and compelling content.


Policy Articles, Speeches, Travel Articles


Travel, Hiking, Rafting, Sports, Yoga, Languages, Politics


UC San Diego

Geoffrey earned a Master's degree from UC San Diego's School of International Relations/Pacific Studies in June 2015. After completing his first year in the program, he received a Boren Fellowship to continue Korean language education, spending nine months studying at Sogang University in Seoul. He worked the following year as an English lecturer at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies before returning to California in September 2014 to complete his MIA degree.


2 Projects Completed

Geoffrey assists in the writing and editing of speeches for the State Department's Office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs.


1 Projects Completed

In 2013, Geoffrey traveled to North Korea as part of academic exchange tour funded by UC San Diego. He wrote a 20 page report summarizing the trip, which was submitted to the Korean Studies department. He has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe and is happy to supply travel articles about these locations.


0 Projects Completed

Geoffrey worked as the Sports Editor for one year on his college newspaper (Sonoma State Star) and occasionally contribute comments to message boards on Sports Nation. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball.


2 Projects Completed

The speeches that Geoffrey has worked on are mainly to inform the public about various threats facing the country, and what individuals can do to better prepare to combat these challenges. It's a milder version of Doomsday Preppers.

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