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Jack has spent most of his career involved in the medical and pharmaceutical field in direct care of patients. As a result, most of his education is centered on creating, understanding, and evaluating writings from medical and scientific journals. Most of his experience is with expository pieces.

Jack also carries a great interest in narrative fiction writing, especially short stories. Storytelling has always been an interesting talent and skill Jack has wished to develop. Jack is a self-taught writer of fiction pieces and descriptive writing, mostly through the use of "how-to" books, online lectures from esteemed professors, and examining the writings of great fiction authors and storytellers.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Jack has direct experience in reading and evaluating medical literature from an academic standpoint as well as with media and conversational-type pieces. While not currently published with any medical or primary source journals, Jack is knowledgeable on the structure, outlines, content, and semantics involved in writing a vast range of medical literature.


Scientific writing has been a crucial source of information throughout Jack's education and experience working as a pharmacist. Everyone uses science and the results of its knowledge in some shape of form within their careers, leisure, and through their understanding and interaction with the world around them. Nowhere is this more evident than with evidence-based medical care, and with the importance of scientific research, reporting, education, and opinion writing, Jack feels a great and meaningful connection with science writing.


Jack has direct experience in the healthcare field working as a pharmacist; through his experience, he has worked in educating, discussing, and researching a wide variety of health topics. Whether it involves vaccines, dieting options, non-pharmacological healthcare options, or a vast range of other subjects in the public eye over the last 5 years, Jack has likely been involved in their discussion, refuting, supporting, or understanding with patients, healthcare workers, and the generally curious.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

White Paper

Jack has a great amount of experience with the reading, writing, and evaluation of white papers, research papers, or any piece of writing whose purpose is to relay information in a clear but important demeanor. Jack greatly enjoys writing informational pieces which provide scientific or factual knowledge and also keep the reader's attention.


Jack has created a wide multitude of presentations, each for different purposes: education, opinion, evaluation, research, and persuasive-type presentations. Jack drives to create presentation pieces that provide the most important information in the most riveting and eye-catching ways possible.

Data Sheet

Through research and informational projects, the creation of data sheets for presentation or for self-use is particularly excellent for maximizing the impact of data while also simplifying it. Jack has made data sheets from scratch, from references, and from the ideas of others.

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