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Brittney has blogged since Jul 2015 and began freelance writing Jul 2016. She enjoys writing blog content and has also written a significant amount of content for websites. Brittney does her own computer repair and maintenance. She has worked extensively with both Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android. She blogs about her work around the home and her hobbies. Her hobbies include crafts and home decor. She also does a lot of reading and takes care of her two-year-old son. Her son has been through a lot medically, leaving her​ comfortable with a wide range of medical terminology.


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Industry Projects

  • Education7
  • High Tech4
  • Medical1

Summary of Industry Experience


Brittney has written about available classes as well as educational materials for people to teach themselves. The topics included multiple jobs about how to write a compelling essay on various topics. One article addressed available online course offerings through two different marketplaces, both of which offer better courses than Universities at pennies on the dollar when you compare the prices. Brittney understands the educational materials and reviews them carefully to ensure they're easy to understand and cover all relevant points.

High Tech

Her work in this industry is mostly related to drones and photography. She has been working with a client who hires her consistently to do comprehensive reviews of drones as well as overview content for their home page. These jobs typically include research into the drones themselves, information gathering on their technical features and limitations, and research into sellers and manufacturers. Brittney's degree in Computer Engineering makes this research straightforward and simple for her to accomplish.


While she recently wrote her first paid post on medical topics, Brittney has been writing at least one medical-related post per week for over a year now. She regularly contributes to a blog about parenting medically complex and special needs children. Topics covered range from social issues to how to manage complex medical situations. Most of her writings about medical details apply to rare diseases, specifically Noonan's Syndrome-Like Disorder with Loose Anagen Hair.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience


This is the vast majority of paid work she's done as a freelance writer. Brittney has written articles about widely varied topics from business to technology.

Blog Post

Brittney has written a handful of paid blog posts. Most of the blog posts have been done for her own website and haven't been paid for by a client.

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