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Lyn graduated with a BA in English with a Writing Emphasis in May 2014. In college she worked as a writing tutor in her university's writing center where she earned the "Writing Tutor of the Year" award two years in a row. She has also had experience in journalism writing and is currently the author of two independently published novels and multiple traditionally published articles and short stories.


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Lyn has written multiple articles related to education, focusing especially on ways to engage and aid young writers in the classroom. While still a student in college, Lyn was invited to speak to a classroom of elementary and high school teachers on the topic of independent publishing and methods for effective writing instruction in the classroom.


Lyn has been interested in health writing for many years and has written several articles based on research related to health and longevity. While interested in all forms of healthy living, her particular interest is in dietary influences on health and aging.


Lyn has been a video game enthusiast since she was quite young, and in recent years has written multiple reviews on both solo and MMO games. Her articles regularly cover games for platforms such as PCs, Xbox, and smartphones.

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Along with other forms of writing, Lyn has written several articles for traditionally published magazines. In college she took a course in reporting where she wrote multiple articles for her school's primary publication. Coming from a creative writing background, Lyn combines information with description in order to create anywhere from brief online articles to more lengthy printed publications.

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Lyn has been writing blog posts since 2011. Her primary focus has been creative (especially novel) writing, though her overall blog post topics have ranged from gaming, to health, to cooking, to genealogy.


Lyn has been a storyteller since her earliest days. It started with drawing pictures at three years old and instructing her mother on what to write and has progressed into two independently published novels, among other types of writing. At the age of 15, Lyn independently published her very first book, which was followed by three other books by the time she entered college. In college, she studied under a professor who had previously been an editor at a large publishing house, and through the instruction she received there, Lyn decided to recall all her previous work in order to rewrite it. In 2013 she independently published a new original novel, and in 2015 she officially launched the rewrite of one of her previous books. Along with her personal writing, she has also been asked on occasion to speak to groups about writing and publication - both independent and traditional.

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