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Marcy’s collegiate educational pursuits began at Louisiana State University where she studied Journalism with a concentration in Advertising/Marketing, earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She later became interested in law and enrolled at the Northwestern California University School of Law. She studied their Juris Doctor program for one year, learning all of their 1st year core courses, including legal writing and legal research. She followed up that experience by attending the Paralegal program at the University of California, Monterey Bay and received three professional certificates in basic and advanced Paralegal Studies and Legal Investigation.

Marcy’s educational and employment background has provided her with a wide variety of experience, skills and knowledge that will help her shine in her work projects. Her vast and varied content writing, editing, journalism, marketing, public relations, legal writing, research, and paralegal experience will make her skills a valuable asset for any writing or editing project.

Most of Marcy’s positions required strict deadlines and dedication to getting the best possible work out of the least amount of available time, and she flourished in that environment. She is a team player, but is also a self starter who is comfortable working solo. Marcy is a New Orleans born and bred Cajun professional who has never met a stranger. She has been successful in professionally and personally communicating with people from all walks of life...all with a big smile on her face and a friendly demeanor.
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Legal writing and research, content writing, internet research, Journalism, writing, editing, advertising copywriting, paralegal, interviewing, reporting, photography, ghost writing, articles.


Law, internet research, writing, reading, sports (especially football), social media, photography, television, current events, celebrities, politics, health and wellness, cooking, real estate, finance and socializing and eating with good friends and family.


Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge

Internship and class work for the LSU campus newspaper, the "Daily Reveille". Assignments included writing and editing news articles and designing, producing copy and selling advertisements to be published in the newspaper. Participated with a group to produce a major advertising and marketing campaign.

Northwestern California University School of Law

Studied first year law courses, including Introduction to Law and Legal Writing, Legal Research, Criminal Law, Contracts, and Torts.

University of California, Monterey Bay

Awarded three separate certificates in Paralegal Studies, Advanced Paralegal Studies, and Legal Investigation.


4,000 Projects Completed

Marcy has many years of diverse marketing and sales experience writing copy for thousands of business advertisements, promotions, advertising campaigns, real estate ads, proposals, and articles. Her degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising/Marketing gives her the education background to back up her practical work experience to insure that she will market your company effectively and efficiently. Marcy's specialty was being able to research a business thoroughly and develop a marketing plan that would not only be understandable to the client, but would greatly succeed in increasing the client's bottom line.


2,000 Projects Completed

For over 30 years, Marcy has used various forms of writing while communicating with a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Her experience includes content writing, advertising and marketing proposals, copywriting, letters, memorandums, legal writing, emails, and in person presentations. Marcy's specialty was being able to effectively communicate with businesses to make them feel comfortable with continuing their business relationship with her due to trust, her friendly demeanor, and her understanding of their wants and needs.


2 Projects Completed

Utilizing her journalistic and legal skills and training, Marcy has written many legal motions, briefs (including appellate briefs), memorandums of law, and numerous other legal documents and correspondence. She is now doing content writing for law firms and attorneys. She consulted with and assisted numerous lawyers to develop legal strategy. She prevailed in or settled nearly every legal dispute or action she was involved with at each level of the Florida Court and Appellate system, including the Florida Supreme Court.

Her Advertising and Marketing copywriting background can help lawyers promote their talents and specialties and bring in new clients.

She is a proficient legal researcher, writer and investigator with experience in Westlaw, LexisNexis, MS Office, Legal blue book, Black's Law Dictionary and internet legal research and investigation.

Marcy is experienced in preparing and filing necessary legal documents, drafting judicial correspondence, and consulting and negotiating with opposing counsel and law firms to gain a successful outcome.

She has scheduled, appeared at and presented evidence and argument at court hearings.

She reviewed opposing attorney’s emails, letters, memorandum, motions and other filings to determine and prepare appropriate legal written responses and/or filings.

She also investigated, uncovered and reviewed legal evidence to be utilized in pleadings and court hearings.

Marcy also prepared case exhibits and evidence prior to court hearings.
Marcy has written legal motions, complaints, appellate briefs at several court levels, memorandums of law, legal demand letters and correspondence, and numerous other legal papers and documents.


6,000 Projects Completed

Marcy has completed thousands of presentations and proposals to businesses both in writing and in person. She utilized various forms and styles of writing deemed to be most effective for the project. Her academic and work background insures that she has what it takes to make businesses stand up and take notice of her presentations, which will usually translate into more sales. She had continuous presentation, marketing and sales training while working for Bellsouth Advertising and Publishing. Marcy is an expert at developing presentation and marketing copy as well as promotional letters and materials to help grow your business's bottom line.


4,000 Projects Completed

Marcy is a highly trained and skilled Advertising copywriter who received a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising/Marketing. She worked for many years as an advertising representative for both Bellsouth Advertising and Publishing and the New Orleans Guide Newspapers, developing copy for thousands of business ads. She also prepared copy for Real Estate Advertisements and proposals when selling her real estate holdings. Marcy has many years of experience preparing Yellow Pages advertisements, doing both the copywriting and design. She also has much experience with Newspaper Advertisement design and copywriting. While buying and selling Real Estate for her business, she persoanlly prepared the advertisements, press releases, pitch letters and promotions.


300 Projects Completed

Marcy's work as a Journalist with a Newspaper and Public Relations office provided her with experience in writing news articles that were inspiring and appreciated in the community for which she worked. She had to wear many hats and had many duties and responsibilities, including news article writer, editor, ghost writer, photographer, reporter, interviewer, and photo developer. Marcy wrote numerous newspaper and promotional articles and press releases. She also proudly did ghost writing for the commander of a military installation.

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6 Projects Completed

Marcy is writing copy for blogs, websites, articles, and SEO content for numerous companies. She has taken training and classwork in writing styles and has learned the techniques and strategies involved to craft effective copy that helps websites and business grow and prosper.

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