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Experience as a teacher's assistant in a university chemical laboratory setting. Practiced and enforced laboratory safety, help students come to conclusions, answered questions, graded papers, prepared students for exams, practiced student anonymity, provided tutoring.


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With an interest in education and science, the writer has had quite a bit of experience in the aid of chemistry professors in two different college settings. The writer has a unique balance of both interests in science and writing.

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The writer has a publication entitled "Forest Child, City Woman" released on June 29, 2016. The work took about a week to write, and further stories of the same setting are in development.

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The blog posts were consistently updated during studies at university, usually averaging at three times a week. The posts included short stories and even free form expression during bouts of creative inspiration.

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Kelsey has kept consistent updates on social media, particularly Facebook. These posts often reflect the strong social and political stances of the writer.

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