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Danny G
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Innovative, accomplished Project Manager with 15 years experience leveraging talents in software development and staff leadership to deliver results that exceed expectations. Pivotal hands-on resource to major organizations (AT&T, United Nations, City of Cape Coral, Symantec, Art Institute of Atlanta, Bayer, HBOC, Holiday Inn) as well as dotcoms and startups. Substantial expertise in Web, eCommerce, Multimedia solutions and Helpdesk operations. Completed AT&T Agile training program and I am PMP Certified.


IT, web development, marketing, User stories, Use cases, Training material, Help Desk


Toys for boys (monster trucks, RC cars, action figures), Cartoons, Sports, Football, Fantasy sports



"The Master of Business Administration (General MBA) offers the opportunity to develop a sophisticated understanding of the business enterprise and all its functional elements (i.e., marketing, leadership/management, operations, finance, and accounting). In addition, students matriculating in the MBA program can specialize in one business area for even more depth. Both on-campus (1 weeknight per week) and online (asynchronous) courses are offered.

A Regis MBA degree is unique because it also develops graduates who are ethical leaders, who have the courage to implement disruptive change when needed, and whose every decision is ultimately guided by the desire to serve the worlds needs wisely."

Oglethorpe University

"Develop critical thinking skills and intellectual muscle to begin assessing ideas and arguments. Learn to clearly refine and express ideas , abilities that will serve well in any profession."

The Art Institute of Atlanta

Develop the design and technical skills needed to produce multimedia products such as web sites, animations, and digital training programs.


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Danny G. has been involved the retail food industry for more than a decade. He has a solid understanding of what makes for a good restaurant and has the business background needed to develop a solid business plan.


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Danny G. has been an avid fantasy football player for more than a decade. He has won in leagues of 10 and 12 teams. He has witnessed the change in scoring shift from being dominated by running backs to wide receivers. He is also active in daily/weekly fantasy sports seen on sites like DraftKings


0 Projects Completed

Having completed an entire MBA program, Danny G. has considerable business writing experience discussing business perspectives and points of view that can improve an organizations long term performance. By implementing system thinking companies can improve.

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