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Brandi is proficient in Health, Travel and Educational content for the Web. She is capable of producing five well-researched and engaging submissions a day.

Brandi's previous background includes 12 years in Health, 10 years in Customer Service and 7 years in Copywriting. She specializes in Health, Travel, and Home and Gardening but can produce content for Law, HVAC and Construction.

Brandi also has experience in Education as a homeschool parent.


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Brandi is a Florida native who specializes in Health and Fitness. Her previous background includes working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in hospitals, nursing facilities and various home care settings.

Brandi enjoys composing content on medical conditions, diseases and fitness. She provides well-researched, engaging and medically accurate content for SEO purposes, Web pages and patient information sites.


Brandi believes that every business needs the right protection to stay in operation. Keeping your staff safe with the right security system is one of the ways to accomplish this goal.

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Brandi enjoys creating content for all genres, including law and heavy equipment operations. Articles should address your readers' immediate concerns, as well as problems they might have in the future.

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