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Larry P
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Larry takes pride in his ability to create compelling content on a wide range of topics. He understands the importance of creating content that separates itself from the rest of the content on the internet. Strong copy does not contain redundant information or sentences that are full of fluff, and Larry diligently edits his work to ensure the information is factual, relevant, engaging and when appropriate, entertaining.

During his time as a freelance writer, Larry has written over 2,000 pieces of content ranging from short blog posts to long-form informational articles. He has extensive experience creating powerful product descriptions that target consumers who know what they want but need more information to help them with their purchasing decisions.

Larry is a published author with some of the most well-known brands in the mortgage/finance industries. He helped a major online finance publication build a glossary of finance and mortgage terms. Additionally, he wrote long-form content marketing copy for a major mortgage/lending publication to help the company maintain its position as one of the top thought leaders in the U.S.

Larry is steadfast in his pursuit of continuing education and looks at challenging content as an opportunity to improve himself and his writing abilities. Here are some of the topics where Larry excels:

• Initial Public Offerings, Company Analysis and Review
• Mortgage and Real Estate/Personal Finance
• Health Related Content and Lifestyle Recommendations
• Content Marketing
• Politics and News Related Content
• Personal fitness and weight loss
Product Description
Real Estate
Blog Post


Larry's specialties include creating powerful content marketing copy, informational articles, technical articles, blog posts and website content/landing pages.


Larry is an avid fisherman and a bit of a politico.


Devry Institute of Technology

Larry studied the concepts of business information systems and how they affected business operations at the time.


23 Projects Completed

Larry has over 15 years experience working in the mortgage/finance industry. His experience includes working with top companies in the industry such as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. Larry is a top-level underwriter in the secondary mortgage market and works closely with investors who need a thorough risk analysis of mortgage loans for investment purposes.

Real Estate

3 Projects Completed

Larry's vast experience in the mortgage industry catapulted his knowledge of real estate and the housing market to expert levels. Larry has extensive experience analyzing the current state of real estate markets and an ability to determine home valuations based on current market values and comparable sales.

Larry has written extensively on real estate markets and creates compelling and engaging content that compels readers to learn more about the state of the real estate and mortgage markets. Larry has an innate ability to develop SEO rich content based on specific keywords related to the real estate and mortgage markets.


504 Projects Completed

Larry creates compelling articles focusing on specific keywords and phrases provided by each of his clients. Larry can offer a wide range of article types including complex articles, easy-to-read articles and articles for the sole purpose of SEO. Larry can talk to the reader directly or tackle formal articles written in third person. Overall, Larry's number one goal in all the articles he creates is to engage the reader.

Blog Post

53 Projects Completed

Larry creates high-quality blog posts related to finance and the stock market. His knowledge and understanding of how markets work and how they relate to finance and the economy as a whole benefits readers who need complex financial information. However, Larry can create articles for those who are in need of information on a basic or intermediate level.

Product Description

10 Projects Completed

Larry creates product descriptions that highlight the features and the benefits of the product and how they can make life easier for the consumer. Larry understands the importance of active voice in his product descriptions and how that voice puts the consumer in the driver’s seat while they consider purchasing the product. Larry understands that the key to a high-quality product description is to make the consumer the star of the show. Larry accomplishes this by answering that all-important question, "Will this product change my life for the better?"

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