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A licensed attorney since 1990, Audrey has engaged in extensive research and writing services in private practice and online, writing briefs, research memos, summaries, case notes and other legally related documents.

In the field of mental health, Audrey has written on the subject of performance anxiety, both from the perspective of a psychotherapist and from that of a voice teacher.


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Audrey has completed writing projects for other attorneys, online outsourcing firms, and blogging projects.


Audrey holds an advanced degree in vocal pedagogy and has written academic papers as well as articles for online projects within this area


Audrey is a licensed psychotherapist and has written academic articles and online articles concerning various aspects of mental health.


Audrey has written a number of online articles on financial issues including both personal finance and monetary policy.

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Blog Post

Audrey has written blog posts for legal blogs for clients helping decipher the law for the layperson and providing additional information sources for the layperson and the professional. In addition, Audrey has maintained her own legal blog touching on a variety of legal concepts.


Audrey has written legal articles for various online sites and for private clients on a variety of legal topics.

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